In the months before the 2016 election, Trump supporters were repeatedly physically attacked by members of the left, out in the open, sometimes as they left Trump rallies.

In 2020, we are seeing a repeat of this behavior as most of the media looks the other way, just as they did four years ago.

Evie Fordham reports at FOX News:

Trump supporters face string of attacks in run-up to Election Day: What we know about the suspects

The Trump campaign called out “unprovoked violence” against the president’s supporters in recent weeks after a string of attacks ranging from New York City to San Francisco.

“No one should be attacked for peacefully showing their support of the president, and all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be disgusted by this type of unprovoked violence,” a Trump campaign spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

The statement comes after a family of seven — including four children — said they were pepper-sprayed by counterprotesters on Sunday while participating in a pro-Trump vehicle caravan in New York City.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department said 11 people were taken into custody after the rally descended into chaos and violence Sunday afternoon. One of the people arrested on Sunday, a 36-year-old homeless man identified as Devan Harris, is accused of throwing eggs in two police officers’ faces and then resisting arrest, the NYPD said.

Groups including United Against Racism and Fascism NYC and NYC Antifa posted about their involvement with the counterprotest.

Here are some recent examples:

In San Francisco, a black Trump supporter got one of his teeth knocked out.

More from FOX News:

A free speech rally in San Francisco attracted national attention after organizer Philip Anderson, a Trump supporter, said a counterprotester knocked his teeth out and lit up social media with a bloody photo. The San Francisco Police Department said it arrested a 35-year-old man named Adora Anderson for the alleged assault and charged him with mayhem and hate crime enhancement.

The liberal media ignores stories like these while suggesting that Trump rallies are hate events and that his supporters are bigots. Meanwhile, Trump is repeatedly asked to condemn white supremacy while Joe Biden is never asked to denounce Antifa.

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