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DC Hotel ‘Honors’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Mural Composed of 20,000 Tampons

DC Hotel ‘Honors’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Mural Composed of 20,000 Tampons

Bringing new meaning to the leftie term “tampon justice”?

From demanding free tampons, to placing tampons in men’s restrooms, to wearing tampons as earrings on national television, the left has long been obsessed with tampons. There for a while, “tampon justice” was an actual thing.

Remember this:

Now a boutique hotel in DC has taken the concept of “tampon justice” to a new and disturbing level.  The Hotel Zena features an enormous mural of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg composed entirely of tampons. Twenty thousand of them.

I kid you not.

Architectural Digest enthuses about this “attention-grabbing” “artwork”:

In the hotel lobby, a dramatic portrait gallery honors 11 women who’ve led the fight for gender equality, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rep. Shirley Chisholm—the first Black woman elected to Congress.

Many of the attention-grabbing works also incorporate provocative materials. The larger-than-life homage to Justice Ginsburg has been constructed using 20,000 hand-painted tampons, arranged on a pegboard to create a pointillist portrait (complete with the justice’s signature lace collar and her “Notorious” moniker).

Needless to say, people have thoughts (via Twitchy).


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The Friendly Grizzly | October 10, 2020 at 6:06 pm

Free tampons? Stuff that.

Looks like Ruthie has a helluva five o’clock shadow! Somebody go get the lady a razor.

We’re they used tampons? Now that would be interesting

I am so happy you wrote Architectural Digest enthuses and not Architectural Digest gushes.

Either way it is so wrong. So, so wrong.

The hotel group that owns this is owned by a subsidiary that is part of the investment side of the government of the UAE.

The entire marketing for this hotel is to appeal to progressives who have money to spend to stay there.

30 years ago the building was a Holiday Inn.

So classy.

Disgusting. I’m sure whoever thought of this feels so empowered with the message they are sending. To me the message received is one of juvenile shock value. You want respect for women? This is not how you get it. Let her life’s work speak to the kind of woman RBG was, not a picture that people will now always associate with a women’s personal hygiene product. That’s how you want her remembered? Were there no grownups around to tell them this was a poor idea?

I repeat. Disgusting!

I thought that headline was from the Babylon Bee.

Oh, and if I was the chef I’d be pretty insulted my work doesn’t stand on its own but I’m just considered to be there until they find someone else.

    drednicolson in reply to p. | October 11, 2020 at 11:08 am

    He should bake an I Quit cake in the shape of male genitalia, decorated with letter Y cookies and 9mm bullets.

If the way to get your “female empowerment” is by systematic perversion of the function of the Supreme Court, then maybe it’s not all that powerful after all.

“ Don’t cry for me, Argentina.”

Don’t bleed for me, DC?

Taking a match to it would just be peaceful protest right?

I wonder what kind of material they will use to create a mural for Joe Biden when the time comes?

This seems weirdly appropriate.

What do you call this kind of art? A period piece?

Laughter is the best medicine. I think we could all use some of this humor right about now. Thanks, all.

This is another example of why we can’t let the d/progressive bloc be in charge of anything. They don’t have a filter.

That is beyond distasteful.

My 2% Neanderthal DNA is embarrassed to be associated with my modern DNA.

would be reduced to asking my standard question when confronted with a drug store’s overwhelming selection of tampons–” where in the hell are the super pearls? “

Well, the hotel certainly does not have to worry about running out of this item for its female guests.

If they leave them in the mural long enough will. Ruthie get toxic shock syndrome?

And just when I started to take women seriously…

The artist donated the piece to the hotel with no strings attached.

Packing the Court…

Something about this smells to high heaven.

Vaginas and vagina accessories are a suitable reference to Roof’s only reason for having been appointed to the court. Her enabler and champion, a morally depraved president famously known for his enduring and passionate interest in women’s affairs, is an eloquent testament and legacy to them, both.

    Feminists and masculinists each follow a variation of: keep women barefoot, available, and taxable. The abortion chambers and Cecile/Mengele clinics have their own joint and separate motives in social justice, social progress, and Green as in greenback initiatives.

Funny… I never thought of her as a Rag Head!

Chuckin Houston | October 11, 2020 at 10:36 am

Next the hotel will put up a mosaic to Kamala Harris made from the Senator’s personal collection of used condoms.

The one of Harris, made of the faces of people she kept in jail with her corrupt policies, is a more significant and symbolic statement of values.

Tampons are not really a fitting symbol of Ginsburg as she had not used feminine hygene products since reaching menopause some 68 years ago. However that is a better choice than using rolled up copies of the US Constitution since she had not felt the need to consult it during her time of the Supreme Court.

How appropriate, a statue in memoriam of life after viability, to honor her death. The first choice, second, third, fourth. The Pro-Choice quasi-religion (“ethics”), not limited to the wicked solution. #HateLovesAbortion

Good thing they do that until AFTER she died. The people who wrote an opera I about her honored her, because she loved Opera. This act is a disgrace

Brings to mind a couple of football cheers from my youth!

Kay Ohh Tee
Tee Eee Ecks
Stop that run!

Tee Aye Emm
Pee Aye Ecks
Block that hole!

Hoped the artist recycled the 20,000 plastic applicates.

For the feminists, this has gotta be bloody mahhhhvelous.

Used or unused?

The hotel reportedly has a special breakfast cocktail which is a variation of the Bloody Mary. Its basically a Bloody Mary with a tampon in it and its called the Bloody…..

“Neat idea but couldn’t have they just made the entire hotel out of tampons?”
Maybe in a dry climate.

If a man from Texas is a Texan, what is a man from Tampa?
A Floridian of course 🙂
And why do they call them Parisians instead of Parisites?