The left is like a religion and they punish heretics. This is what can happen if you don’t agree with them.

The College Fix reports:

Christian college forces staffer to go on leave for denying ‘systematic racism’ still exists

Matt Mixer believes that “[s]ystematic racism doesn’t exist,” though it may have in the past. Acting on the belief that it exists “is an untenable position when trying to address actual individual acts of racism.”

For sharing these views and others about the Black Lives Matter organization – not the movement – Berry College has put the “area coordinator” for residence life on administrative leave, according to Viking Fusion, a student-run news website.

Steve Briggs, president of the Christian college in Georgia, told the community Monday that the unnamed “staff member of our Residential Life team” was under a human resources investigation for his social media posts.

Director of Public Relations Chris Reinolds Kozelle provided The College Fix the same statement that was already public. It implies that Mixer had inhibited the communal “flourish[ing]” of diverse people:

Berry is committed to being a welcoming and diverse campus that encourages positive discussions, fosters generous actions and forms intentional friendships in a caring environment. We must continue to build bridges, through our words and actions, that allow people of different backgrounds, interests and experiences to flourish side by side.

Asked for the administration’s stance on staff and faculty expressing their views on social media, including whether Berry makes a distinction when employees specify they aren’t speaking for the college, Kozelle did not answer. (A professor is planning to sue Catholic University of America for firing him in response to political tweets that, on their face, followed its social media policy by not identifying his university affiliation.)


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