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NYU Student Newspaper Insists Black-Only Housing is Not a Form of Segregation

NYU Student Newspaper Insists Black-Only Housing is Not a Form of Segregation

“Instead, NYU has moved to implement a themed engagement community celebrating Black culture in residence halls.”

We did a post on this topic a few weeks ago. This response from the NYU student newspaper is comical.

Campus Reform reports:

NYU student newspaper defends Black student-only housing, denies it’s ‘segregation’

The editorial board for New York University’s student newspaper Washington Square News penned an editorial defending a student-led push to provide Black student-only housing.

This came in response to criticism of the push from several outlets, including The Post Millennial and The Federalist.

“NYU has not agreed to provide housing only designed for students of one race, contrary to the claims made in several articles,” the editorial pointed out. “Instead, NYU has moved to implement a themed engagement community celebrating Black culture in residence halls. Themed engagement communities are a longstanding tradition in NYU dorms where students can apply to live on a floor centered around a common interest or theme.”

“Calling themed engagement communities ‘segregation’ — a term heavily associated with the creation of white-only spaces under Jim Crow laws — overlooks the oppression Black individuals suffered under legitimate segregation and the institutional racism that persists today,” the editorial continued.

The editorial board also slammed one of the outlets that covered the push, noting that it was no surprise that they criticized the push since they also criticized The 1619 Project “for promoting a ‘race-based view’ in line of that with the Nazis.”

“This comparison of a project intended to explore the consequences of slavery and Black oppression to Nazism suggests that a marginalized group reclaiming their long-erased history and a totalitarian system of beliefs looking to assert racial purity are the same,” the editorial stated.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 19, 2020 at 11:47 am

The Democrat Party and their KKK endorses this.

Of course, they’re separate but equal.

This sounds much like the excuses they were making for school segregation in Alabama in the 1960’s. They talked about how Black students would feel more comfortable around other Black students with their same cultural experiences and speaking the same way.

Someone is aiming for a job as a paid propagandist at the Washington Post or NY Times. And they’ll probably get it.

Will it be renamed “George Corley Wallace Jr.” Hall?

Are they not aware that Plessy v. Ferguson was found to be unconstitutional? Or that Brown v. Board of Education said, explicitly, that separate but equal educational facilities for racial minorities is inherently unequal, violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Too busy lecturing us about rule of law.

I do not believe that blacks have stronger body odors than whites; I’ve never seen studies on this. But when I was in college I preferred to live in the egghead/stoners dorm and avoid the jock dorms – heavily black. Because the jocks, regardless of race, certainly stank! Especially their socks and sneakers.

And keep the Koreans away, with their stench of kimchee!

To hell with diversity! I prefer my own group’s smells.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Geologist. | September 21, 2020 at 7:46 am

    Re eggheads and stoners as dorm mates, vs the jocks.

    At least with the egg-heads and stoners, the conversations are interesting, not semi-literate jibber-jabber about touchdowns, DEE-fenad, AWW-fense, the hoop, etc.

    There is the added bonus that when you run into a really hard head-scratcher in your advanced maths, or chemistry, or physics assigment, your dorm mates are in a position to lend a hand.

If universities still condemned “argumentum-ad-hominem” all the left’s logic would disappear!

It took me a while, but I just figured out what’s going on at NYU.

The white students don’t like living in integrated dorms with the black students. Establishing a segregated dorm is how they intend to get black students to move out. It accomplishes these goals:

1. The black students move out of the white students’ dorm.
2. They do it voluntarily, thinking they’re being treated special.
3. Everyone gets the approval of the “woke” crowd, and nobody objects.
4. Everyone gets to signal their virtue by making it look like a good thing.

Frankly, it’s a diabolically clever plan, and it will probably work.

NYU must answer to both the NY Fair Housing Law and to the NYS Board of Regents regarding this issue. It is undebatable that NYU cannot discriminate in housing on the basis of race. However, NYU can set up a living unit that draws together students that are interested in “African history and culture.” I would advise NYU to not even include a question on the application “What race are you?” If housing for NYU students continues to be tight, one would expect students of all races to apply for this opportunity to live in the dorms. I would hope that most of the applicants would be sincerely interested in African history and culture. These types of living units generally impose very few obligations, including a biweekly discussion group. One could argue a living unit that is 75-90% black would create a more robust and beneficial living-learning environment than would one that is 100% black, because there would be interactions and exchange of viewpoints that would not be possible in an all-black dorm. What better way to signal virtue and assert your “wokeness” than spending a year living in such an “mixed” dorm?

moved to implement a themed engagement community celebrating Black culture in residence halls.

What does this mean? Everything that’s not nailed down gets looted? Or maybe torched. Has the school considered what will happen to its insurance rates?

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to tom_swift. | September 21, 2020 at 7:49 am

    You left out vulgar language spoken at high volume; boom-chunka-mutha-f***h “music” blaring at all hours; non-black students being shaken down for possessions; outright attacks on non-blacks; and other delights of enforced diversity.