Black Lives Matters protesters swarmed a CVS in Georgetown because the employees had the nerve to call the police on two shoplifters.

A woman behind the Twitter account @CharityinDC broke open the floodgates when she showed videos of her ambushing the CVS clerk and the cops.

After the backlash, she locked her account. But people saved the videos.

Charity did not stop even though the videos obviously showed her as a Karen. She is still protesting outside of CVS today.

Ian Miles Cheong posted pictures and videos on Twitter. The protesters held signs that said, “quit your job.”

One of the shoplifters has a warrant on him. The police did not arrest him, though, “because of the activist making a fuss.”

The protests and riots have the cops thinking twice about their job. This man has a warrant out on him.

But will people call the police on shoplifters after all of this?

Also, how will this turn out?

How many black people protested?


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