I’m so old, I remember when the New York Times was super meh about a woman on a presidential ticket. Even a woman Governor.

The New York Times cover after Biden’s announcement that Sen. Harris was his VP pick:

“Political warrior” “safe but energizing” “woman of color in No. 2 slot of major party”…

Wonder how much longer this opinion piece stays up though:

Anyway, flashback to 2008 and this is how the NYT covered McCain’s pick of Palin:

And also a “bold move with risks.” Split with an above the fold article on a surge in… natural gas cars? Neither is Palin’s name included and instead she’s “Alaskan.”

Doesn’t really matter what or who she is, as it holds that Harris is a candidate who ran a horrible primary campaign and struggled to muster support in her home state, so the NYT and their compadres in the media bubble can cheer and spin as long as they like, but I’m not sure how it changes anything with actual voters.


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