A video of Black Lives Matters protesters targeting white diners in D.C. with demands to raise their fists in solidarity has gone viral.

We covered it earlier today, DC BLM Mob Harasses White Diners, Demanding They Raise Fists In Solidarity.

The WaPo videographer noted that while those in front were all white, that was at the request of black protesters who told their white allies to move to the front:

Watching the video, and also preparing for our event on Campus Cancel Culture next Sunday, it struck me that the harassment and image were a perfect metaphor for campus culture.

The D.C. mob wasn’t on campus, but it was the same dynamic. It’s something I’ve discussed before, the migration of campus culture into the larger culture.

The boldness of those participating in a mob. The demands for conformity to their agenda. And the insistance that silence will not be permitted.

One other thing. The person seated refusing to raise her fist in solidarity. What would happen if she were to complain about her treatment? She would be told that she just doesn’t like being criticized.

Anyone who thinks that’s what’s going on either doesn’t understand the dynamic of mob rule, or is part of the mob.


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