It would be great if could deal with the pandemic from the vantage point of science and actual medical advice instead of politics, and yet…

Dr. Fauci joined the Congressional subcommittee on Coronavirus Crisis Friday where he engaged in a handful of interesting exchanges.

Most notably, Dr. Fauci (and I’m sure to the chagrin of Trump’s detractors) indicated the federal government was actively working in every way to combat the spread of coronavirus while working to find an effective treatment.

Trump also worked with the heads of major retail chains early on to ensure essentials were readily available to the public.

Rep. Jim Jordan tried to pin Dr. Fauci into a corner by attempting to elicit an admission that protesting is dangers. Fauci didn’t go quite that far, but did say “I can tell you that crowds are known, particularly when you don’t have a mask, to increase the acquisition and transmission, no matter what the crowd is.”

Dr. Fauci kept refusing to “opine” on the safety of mass protests during a pandemic outside of saying that being part of a crowd increases your risk of catching the Rona.

Had Rep. Jordan played this a bit better, he may have been able to get a tad bit further, but the point remains that so much is shut down for our “safety” whilst rioters run amok with the blessing of a political party and the media (not) covering their activities. This particular point is one that will surely resonate outside of the political bubble as the hypocrisy by local, state, and federal officials in controlling protests vs. the activities of others is inescapable and to many, upsetting.

Fauci was also optimistic about the progress towards a vaccine while CDC Director Robert Redfield went on record saying it’s in children’s best interest to resume in-person. “Yes, I think it’s important to realize that it’s in the public health best interest of K-12 students to get back in face-to-face learning. There’s really very significant public health consequences of the school closure.”



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