Democrats, as we know, are using the death of George Floyd to create havoc in an election year and to do their once every four years “we care about black people” carnival show.  They have never been very good at this election year fake show of empathy and concern for black people, but this year, they are really really bad at it.

Senate Democrats effectively ensured there would be no police reform legislation this year when they refused to even debate Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill.  Their reason appears to have been political; they didn’t want to have anything to do with a Republican bill in an election year.

Rather than move to work for the American people, they chose to work for the party.

Still playing politics, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led the passage of a police reform bill that she knows full well is dead in the Senate, then babbled incoherently about how Republicans were to blame for her decision.

Note how she is so concerned about honoring George Floyd, but she can’t even remember George Floyd’s name.  She’s not alone, her Senate counterpart, Sen. Chuck Schumer can’t remember his name, either.


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