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Sen. Tim Scott Throws Serious Shade at His Critics Over Police Training Reform Bill

Sen. Tim Scott Throws Serious Shade at His Critics Over Police Training Reform Bill

“Not surprising the last 24 hours have seen a lot of “token” “boy” or “you’re being used” in my mentions. Let me get this straight…you DON’T want the person who has faced racial profiling by police, been pulled over dozens of times, or been speaking out for YEARS drafting this?”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) had enough of critics calling him a “token” face of the Congress police reform bill, currently in the works. There are many reasons to appreciate Sen. Scott, not the least of which is his candidness.

Sen. Scott tweeted Wednesday:

From other Senators:

Spot on:



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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 10, 2020 at 7:53 pm

DEMS just made themselves an armadillo on a 10 land Texas Highway interstate.

You want real reform? Abolish police unions.

Nearly every single police officer fired or convicted of bad behavior has a long string of misconduct behind them, and of having their job protected by the union.

Abolish the police unions and make it a firing offense to turn your body cam off intentionally.

But Democrats aren’t going to do that, because the unions universally pour money into their campaigns.

They say Token but they mean Tom.

buckeyeminuteman | June 10, 2020 at 8:15 pm

Policing is a local issue, the responsibility of my locally elected government officials. I really don’t want the Federales involved in local decisions and training tactics. Anything the Feds touch turns overbloated and over budget. It might be Tim Scott and Trump creating policy. It will be AOC and Maxine Waters next.

If I lived in his state, I’d vote for Tim Scott in a heartbeat. Come to think of it, he would make an excellent VP candidate in 2024.

Remember oblunders civilian police – like an army – force?

I like, trust, and admire Senator Tim Scott, and wish his cause and efforts all the fortune and support they richly deserve.

I understand why he finds racial profiling annoying, but I hope his bill isn’t going to try to ban it. Because like it or not, profiling is common sense, and that includes racial profiling. It’s insane not to use it. And that means if you bear a passing resemblance to a lot of criminals you’ll get stopped a lot to check whether you’re not one of them. So long as the police are polite and let you go as soon as they ascertain that you’re not the droid they’re looking for, you really have no legitimate complaint. Blame the inconvenience on the criminals who look like you. If they didn’t commit so many crimes, you wouldn’t look suspicious.

I remember one time when there was a major white-collar criminal on the loose, some Madoff type who’d got out of Dodge one step ahead of the police, and his picture was all over the front pages as the manhunt for him went on. And I looked at the picture and said “I know that guy”. It wasn’t him, but the person I knew could have passed for his identical twin. And when I saw him later that day and commented on it he said I didn’t know the half of it, he’d been stopped on the street twice by police who checked his ID before letting him go. Was that wrong of the police?! Of course not. It wasn’t his fault that his doppelganger was on the lam, but it wasn’t their fault either. Stopping him was the right thing to do, and he just had to put up with it for a few days until they caught the guy.

Besides Booker, who’s the other black dem?

Besides Booker, who’s the other black dem?

Here’s another, better call to arms by a solid Trump-supporting black leader:

It’s time for Republicans to stop crowing about how well their policies are affecting black communities and start establishing a PRESENCE in those communities.

This isn’t unique to black communities either. You can only vote for candidates who are on the ballot. Those people MUST VISIT their constituents. That is the entire story of how the Republicans lose states. They don’t even try to win the cities and so pretty much all major cities became Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities.

Here in CA, the Republicans allowed themselves to be blown up by the Bush/Rove Texas crowd and haven’t won anything since. There is no GOP in CA. And it’s happening in TX too!

Another way to state what Sonnie Johnson is saying is the days of the 19th hole country club GOP are OVER! Get out there and show your faces! Get involved LOCALLY! The only one doing it is Trump in the face of broad resistance by his own party.

Somebody at LI needs to pick up on this. It is a top 2 or 3 issue for the 2020 elections and could propel the GOP into a sweeping historical landslide victory. It would be a major opportunity missed.

BierceAmbrose | June 12, 2020 at 1:37 pm

They’re so intereste in making things work for black people they won’t listen to the black guy.

It’s like this all isn’t about making things work for the fig leaves of the moment. (Our Screaming-D friends now wearing black fig leaves — it’s a slimming color.)