The mob has a new statue target, the Emancipation Memorial in DC.

A quick internet search is enough to prove how misguided their latest target is. The entire memorial (according to the National Parks Service) was paid for by former slaves.

But please, trust fund pawns, tell us how it’s a monument to white supremacy, one erected and funded by FORMER SLAVES. I mean, what do they know, right?

And you would know the dude with the megaphone attends Harvard.

Details, I’m sure.

More from the WaEx:

The Emancipation Memorial, erected in 1876, has long been the subject of controversy. Although financed entirely by freed slaves and dedicated by the abolitionist Frederick Douglass in a ceremony attended by President Ulysses S. Grant, its detractors charge that the black person depicted is a racist caricature. And Marcus Goodwin, the 30-year-old independent running for the district City Council who organized the event, said it’s time to retire the statue.

“We should be on equal footing with Abraham Lincoln,” Goodwin said as several hundred people arrived at the memorial in Lincoln Park. “As great and monumental a person as he is, we can do a lot better in terms of revisiting a 144-year-old statue that, even in its time, was not appropriate.”

Goodwin, and many other people, allege that the composition of the statue is racist: It depicts Lincoln as the Great Emancipator, while a curly-haired slave, crouched and shackled, rises to his freedom. Goodwin said that’s a paternalistic reading of history and not consistent with the representation many black people want to see in statuary.

“We don’t see a man rising,” he said. “We see a man on his knees: He’s in shackles — he’s not even wearing a shirt. And yet, there’s the magnanimous Abraham Lincoln standing above him, who is proud, upright, and in a powerful position.”

As Goodwin explained his dissatisfaction with the memorial, adding that he launched an online petition signed by nearly 5,000 people, a white woman stood up in front of the growing crowd. She introduced herself as Joanne Hatfield, a longtime resident of the neighborhood where the statue is located, and explained that she doesn’t want to see it taken down without a procedural, community consensus.

The crowd immediately started booing her and chanting to drown out her words.

“Black lives matter! No justice, no peace! Black lives matter!” they shouted.

Goodwin paused from his discourse and turned to look at Hatfield. He attempted to restart several times, but the chanting crowd made it impossible.

Eventually, he gave it up and chuckled.

“I love that they’re just ripping her up,” he said.

They plan to tear down the memorial Thursday night at 7 PM.

And now a DC delegate is on the case, suggesting that the designers didn’t take into account the “views of African Americans.”


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