If you needed any further confirmation that the radical left has lost its damned mind, look no further than the Twitter hashtag #CancelYale.  This inspired piece of trolling mocks the left’s determination to destroy statues and anything else—up to and including our nation’s foundation, the Constitution—that they deem “racist.”

I have to admit when I first saw the hashtag, I kind of smirked.  It seemed so fitting, right?  The mindless mobs coming for the institutions that birthed them.  So I clicked over to check it out, and it was at least a million times better than I thought.

It turns out that the genius that is Jesse Kelly, building on a point made by Ann Coulter, decided it was time to hold these rampaging, hate-fueled destroyers to their own standards.  Starting with Yale.

Great, right?  But wait, it gets better.

But wait, the best part is that the left is jumping in, thinking this is a great plan.  You really can’t make this up.

I’m not sure “convergence” is the word, more like “whiplash at their utter lack of self-reflection” or “omg, are they really this stupid?” . . . which aren’t really words, so we’ll go with “convergence.”

Yeah, but no.  They can’t see how ridiculous they are; they really can’t.  It defies understanding and reason, but then, so do these cancel culture/society/history/America radicals.

They are actually jumping on board.  It’s staggering . . . and pretty hilarious.  Or maybe very horrifying.

And the best bestest of all, even the ones who understand the troll are suggesting that it’s a good idea but should “wait” until it can seem like their own. Or something.

One point for seeing it as a troll, minus eleventy million for so deeply, thoroughly missing the point being made by it.

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at this point, but I’m leaning toward laughing.  As leftist businesses, state and local governments, and intuitions begin to see that they will never be immune from the madding crowd they’ve unleashed, they will step up and stomp it out.

Failing to do so is not an option as this trolling exercise has clearly shown.


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