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Tom Steyer Shuts Down Trump Impeachment Operation

Tom Steyer Shuts Down Trump Impeachment Operation

“With the work complete, Need to Impeach is wrapping up, but Tom’s commitment to taking on Donald Trump continues.”

Over the last few months, all of Tom Steyer’s dreams have been dashed. At the end of February, the progressive billionaire dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

Now he is closing his ‘Need to Impeach’ organization. What a shame.

Brian Schwartz reports at CNBC:

Tom Steyer shuts down his Need to Impeach operation after failed 2020 bid, Trump acquittal

Billionaire and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer is shutting down his organization that advocated the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Steyer, a businessman who founded Need to Impeach in 2017 to call on Congress to impeach and remove Trump from office, has decided it’s time for the political action committee to close after the president was indeed impeached by the Democratic-led House late last year, according to his spokesman. The GOP-led Senate acquitted the president in February.

“Tom started Need to Impeach two and half years ago and committed over $75 million of his own money to help shine a light on this lawless president. Over eight million Americans joined that effort and their voices were heard loud and clear when the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump,” Benjamin Gerdes, the spokesman, told CNBC. “With the work complete, Need to Impeach is wrapping up, but Tom’s commitment to taking on Donald Trump continues.”

When asked if “wrapping up” means Need to Impeach is shutting down, Gerdes confirmed that was indeed the case.

Not much else has changed for Steyer. In this April 14th tweet, he insists this is no time to play politics:

And yet here he is two days later on a radio show doing exactly that:

If Trump wins reelection in November, I fully expect Steyer to resume his efforts to impeach.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


If he wants to pay my bills, I will stay home as long as he does.

Need to Impeach is wrapping up, but Tom’s commitment to taking on Donald Trump continues

Progress? One step forward, two steps backward.

Steyer has done a great job be-clowning himself. But so has Bloomberg. Mini Mike was taken down by Lizzie Warren. Mighty Mitt Romney finds himself off the Presidential mailing list. All Republican Senators are on the reopening task force but Might Mitt.

Sooner or later people who attack Trump end up worse off.

JusticeDelivered | April 17, 2020 at 7:22 pm

Tom Steyer is a huge loser, just wait until Trump is reelected 🙂

Need to stay relevant, Tom? Try impeaching Xi over spreading the Woohoo virus.

“And the Lord saith unto Tom Steyer, ‘I shall give unto thee resources beyond thy capacity to husband well, and thou shalt be an example unto others of what not to be, what not to say, and what not to do. Thou art a fool, and thou shalt always be the same, and others shall learn from thy stupidity’”

Trapped in Davis | April 17, 2020 at 9:35 pm

Newsome just put him on some task force to re-open CA. He started out by telling everyone how smart he is and how many people he employed. I had to switch the radio station.

It will take global cooperation and effort to solve the health and economic challenges from this pandemic. This is the time to listen to doctors, not play politics.

This is amazingly unperceptive, even for an amateur politician. The problem isn’t medicine; the problem was, and is, and will remain, China. Doctors won’t be coming up with a fix for that.

We are a nation populated by a lot of malignant clowns. And,they vote.

Botox. It does not work well for everyone.

A fool and his money, was soon parted…