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Stacey Abrams: “I Have the Capacity, the Competence, the Skills, and the Willingness” to be Biden’s VP

Stacey Abrams: “I Have the Capacity, the Competence, the Skills, and the Willingness” to be Biden’s VP

CBS News Anchor Gayle King responds: “everybody knows you’re extremely qualified.”

For some unknown reason, Stacey Abrams, who still thinks people stole the Georgia gubernatorial race from her, thinks she’s more than qualified to serve as presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s vice president.

I laughed when Abrams told King that she chose “not to hide my head” when she lost in 2018. Um, ma’am, you have complained and whined about the election being stolen from you.

Gayle King of CBS This Morning allowed Abrams to list off her supposed accomplishments that prove she has the qualifications.

Except Abrams only concentrated on her social justice work after she lost the gubernatorial race, mainly her “work” to stop voter fraud.

That’s probably because Abrams does not have much experience in government. She served as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 2007-2017. Yes, that is quite a bit, but she never moved up.

Then again, President Donald Trump did not have any government experience, and he’s now president of the entire country! But he picked capable people for his team, especially Vice President Mike Pence.

But Abrams showed us her motives in 2019:

King told Abrams she is “extremely qualified” to be vice president.

I wonder if she feels the same way about Trump. I’m thinking no.


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She meets all Democratic qualifications.

– lie for party
– grab power
– toe the progressive line
– desire to destroy freedom
– hate America
– not too bright
– everyone not a D-elected official is racist and sexist

Well, she is no more stupid than Obama’s VP.

4th armored div | April 22, 2020 at 10:12 am

she strikes me as a dictator wanna be.

In this case, “extremely qualified” means black and female.

    Grrr8 American in reply to Paul. | April 22, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Well, that is not irrational on her part — in her world those are THE preeminent qualifications. She’s a “diversity” twofer.

    Alas, “her world” also now encompasses college admission committees, and corporate recruiting / promotional committees.

    Perhaps if the economy turns down enough there’ll be an unintended benefit in that the “luxury” of admitting / advancing people merely to checkbox quota goals — err, I mean “promote diversity” — will go by the wayside as entities decide they face an existential threat and must concentrate on filling the ranks based upon actual merit — of whatever race or gender.

    Neo in reply to Paul. | April 22, 2020 at 10:27 am

    It’s really sad that the word “qualified” now means almost nothing.

    guyjones in reply to Paul. | April 22, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Precisely. Vagina + dark skin pigmentation.

    That’s the depth of the Dhimmi-crats’ intellect, when it comes to assessing personal merit and achievement — genitalia and skin color.

    Observer in reply to Paul. | April 22, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Yes, she isn’t even “qualified,” let alone “extremely qualified” to be a heartbeat away from the U.S. presidency. She has never held any position in the federal government, and was only a state representative in Georgia. She has never even been a state governor, despite her delusions about winning in Georgia. There is no reason to think this woman could effectively manage the enormous responsibilities of the vice presidency or presidency, especially since she couldn’t even manage to win a state race for governor.

    Skin color isn’t a qualification for any elected office, any more than being a female is. But it’s understandable that somebody like Gayle King, who likely has her own t.v. job for those very reasons (plus her access to celebrity bestie Oprah) would think that.

2smartforlibs | April 22, 2020 at 10:19 am

Your cry baby racist that thinks because or your color you should get anything you want.

Frankly, we are not shopping for your typical VP.
If by some chance of random, there were to be a President Joe Biden, we all know his tenure would be short, so we are looking for an alternate President, not a VP.

    Milhouse in reply to Neo. | April 22, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    And that’s why Biden will be replaced before the president is elected on Dec 14. Probably before the electors are chosen on Nov 3, but that depends on the polls.

      Carl in reply to Milhouse. | April 23, 2020 at 10:05 am

      You may be correct Milhouse, but I think Biden will name one of the Obamas as his running mate (either one will do) and if elected, will survive until after the inauguration, by a few weeks.
      Then he will be retired.

        Milhouse in reply to Carl. | April 23, 2020 at 11:14 am

        He can’t name Barack, because he’s not eligible as president, and therefore is not eligible as vice president either.

    amwick in reply to Neo. | April 22, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    We? Who is shopping, not me.. I have a president, and I want to keep this one.. (even if he pisses off my husband)

If crazy is a qualification, then Stacy Abrams is well qualified.

American Human | April 22, 2020 at 10:23 am

She will be Biden’s VP selection. Not because Biden wants her but because James Clyburn says so.
Clyburn clinched the SC primary for Biden by endorsing him just a few days ahead of the primary. So, at least in his mind, Clyburn is responsible for Biden being the nominee. Therefore, for his timely endorsement, Clyburn is in the driver’s seat.

With an entitled attitude like hers, Biden should worry about an Arkancide type of thing just before the convention. Or, right there on the stage where Biden is accepting the nomination, he could drop dead of a stroke, Abrams could then pick up his body and walk to the microphone and pledge to continue his work…

Sort of sounds familiar.

    If Clyburn wants a black female to be the VP candidate, the list that’s been floating around the media of people under consideration has three of them: Abrams, the Atlanta mayor, and Rep. Val Demings, who is from Florida and was one of the House managers during the impeachment trial.

      Morning Sunshine in reply to p. | April 22, 2020 at 11:09 am

      Don’t forget Michelle Obama…

        Valerie Jarrett did an interview with the The Hill, published today, and she said straight out that Michelle won’t accept the VP slot if she’s asked because there are other ways she can continue her service to the country.

        Of course, she couldn’t say the real reasons, which are that the Obamas are making bank and can live lavish lifestyles without much effort on their parts. Plus it’s well-known she hated living in the White House. In addition, while she isn’t formally FLOTUS anymore, the media and a number of people all over the world consider her to still hold that position. So she’s golden right where she is.

          I’ve also wondered whether current presidents, knowledgeable of the doings of their predecessors, lean on them to butt out of current affairs. As more comes to light about Obama, the FBI and CIA concerning Russia-gate, I can’t imagine it would take much to persuade the Obamas to simply ride off into the sunset and thereby avoid a very embarrassing public prosecution. An offer they can’t refuse, so-to-speak.

          Likewise, I’ve wondered whether when presidents change, if there is some tradition of signing and sealing a pardon – which remains confidential / unrecorded as long as the outgoing president keeps their mouth shut and out of current issues.

          I suspect if Michelle ran as Biden’s VP, we’d finally see some indictments as to do so would break what for decades has looked like a code of silence between all politicos. Few ever are held accountable for known crimes and injustices – which in my mind anyway implies a kind of criminal code they ascribe to.

          guyjones in reply to p. | April 22, 2020 at 10:18 pm

          Exactly right. Obama’s wife is too much of a transparent elitist/hedonist to ever venture into politics. She enjoys the attention and the utterly obscene, totally undeserved lucre that they’ve reaped, since leaving government. Plus, she’s never worked an honest day in her life, despite her constant stream of contrived victimhood and “woe-is-me” narratives. And, campaigning is work, no doubt about it.

          Recall her do-nothing, $300,000-per-year job as head of “Diversity and Community Outreach,” at U. of Chicago Hospitals — a total patronage gift to curry influence with her then-Senator husband.

Do we really need 4 years of “racist” ?

Many thought that obama would “Heal” the race wound in our country but as we found out he made it worse. If anyone thinks obama was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet with Abrams! I live in GA and have seen her work first hand. She is a liar and an exaggerator like you have never seen. She makes totally unfounded accusations and has no leadership experience. She owes thousands in back taxes that for some reason doesn’t have to pay back. And she is a bully. Just watch her speak and threaten people who do not agree with her. One thing is for sure, slow Joe will not be sniffing her hair!


She’s confusing being VP with a competitive eating contest.

    McGehee in reply to fscarn. | April 22, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. Or else they’re racist.”

She reminds me of Terrel Bolton, former Dallas Police Chief, who was promoted to Chief strictly due to affirmative action. His IQ was below average, (way below the level necessary to function in a management role, or to operate as police chief). Bolton also got fired from police job in the Atlanta area after getting fired in Dallas.

Stacy Abrams comes across as having a similar level of intelligence ( or similar lack of intelligence).

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he plans to announce the members of a selection committee who will help choose his running mate by May 1 as speculation continues to mount over his vice presidential pick.

I wonder if they will have a selection committee to select the selection committee.

    fscarn in reply to Neo. | April 22, 2020 at 10:47 am

    Akin to the process of choosing who should “act as an Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager (A.A.R.M.).”

    Paul in reply to Neo. | April 22, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    If he wants to prove he’s more woke than Warren, he’d better let a trans-gender child make the choice.

Wow, Idi Amin’s daughter’s narcissism and megalomania exceed those of her father! And, her dad was no slouch, in this regard.

“I am the greatest; I am so amazing!;: etc.

Abrams, like Obama and Occasional-Cortex before her, proves that pathological narcissism is now the most prized trait among aspiring and current apparatchiks, in the contemporary Dhimmi-crat Party.

Assuming that China Joe ends up being the Dem candidate, he (or whoever is pulling the strings) will NOT nominate Abrams for the VP slot. It is simply not going to happen.

That would be an excellent opportunity to award Biden and the DNC the title of “misogynistic racist”. Those are the rules. Their rules.

If you dropped Stacy Abrams from a B-52 flying at 30,000 feet, the kinetic energy would be enough to take out the deepest underground bunker in the world.

Dumb and dumber. Cheers –

The only thing Stacey Abrams is qualified for is possibly managing a Golden Corral buffet.

have heard that most dangerous place in politics is between
schumer and a camera–being between abrams and a plate of yardbird would have to be a close second

she is, in every regard, revolting

They want a VP candidate who is either an inner-party kingpin or a compliant puppet to take over when (as they expect) Biden either dies or resigns “for health reasons.”

“Hillary!” is in the first group, Michelle Obama is a little of both, and Ms. Abrams in the latter group.

The problem with Clinton is that most people dislike and distrust her. The problem with Abrams is that she seems really to believe all the nonsense she says, which might make her hard to control.

So I’d put my money on Michelle Obama, who some people seem to like for reasons that completely elude me.

Stacy Abrams is just as qualified to be Vice President and possibly President as the teen at the McDonald’s drive thru is to be Secretary of Agriculture.

Other than trying to steal the election for GA guv and being a black woman with serious obesity-related health issues, what else qualifies her to higher office? Did she win a famous pie-eating contest?

Hahahahaha. Seriously, this woman isn’t qualified to run a small coffee shop that has one customer a day.

Yet more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. And it’s getting worse.

Comanche Voter | April 22, 2020 at 11:58 am

Ms. Abrams is not only fat, but she’s fat headed as well.

Frank Hammond | April 22, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Can Legal Insurrection stop giving this lunatic free publicity? If you repost every insane statement from her, it will take over this web site.

Maybe Ilhan will offer to be the VP. She has a proven track record that is the envy of many top level dems. She’d have been great for Bill Clinton.

    Milhouse in reply to NotKennedy. | April 22, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Ilhan wasn’t born a US citizen. And AOC is too young. But Rashida qualifies. Except she’s not black. Non-white, yes, but black voters don’t care about that.

She left out her most remarkable quality: she’s really, really humble.

This is actually incredible. The D’rats—a professional political entity which, for 220 years now, has had nothing to do all day except scheme to increase its own power and wealth—not only has no presidential candidate worth note, but apparently is not even grooming any promising unknowns for the future. Very weird.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to tom_swift. | April 22, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    They have plenty of time to scheme,
    because they certainly
    don’t do a lick of work all day!

That would be a hard NO! She has one of the four; she lacks the Capacity, is not Competent, lacks the Skills, but has the Willingness to cash a 6 figure government paycheck.

Well she does meet the constitutional requirements. Aside from that, a JD from Yale lots of those so not a particularly unique quality nor is ten years in a state legislature lots of folks with that on the resume.

What could she be referring to as to her unique, personal qualification? What does the MSM see as her special qualification, a failed gubernatorial campaign? No there must be something else that is drawing the MSM and many d party officials to her. What could it be?

You’ve got nothing, you buck-toothed whale.

But not the capacity, competence, and skills to be PRESIDENT – which means she is not qualified to be vice president. She has no executive experience of any kind.

She’s fooling herself. Her skin color and X chromosomes are not qualifications.

Biden is has dug himself a pretty deep hole. He locked himself into a female VP candidate, he’s being pressured to pick a woman of color and he now has to start his search by letting any possible candidate, other than M.O., know she’s at best his 2nd choice.

The hole will get a lot deeper if he’s considering this moron.

This maybe the plan, I’m sure his campaign staff would like to keep him deep in a hole.

Stacey Abrams: “I Have the Capacity, the Competence, the Skills, and the Willingness” to be Biden’s VP

If a VP candidate’s job is to make the presidential candidate look good, then she’s extremely qualified. Few better.

No, you don’t.
No, you don’t.
No, you don’t.

Ms Adams saying she’s “extremely qualified” reminds me of Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway, USN, JAG Corps screaming, “I strenuously object”! Because as Lieutenant (junior grade) Sam Weinberg, USN, JAG Corps said, “oh, that’s how its done”.

I am so pissed! Why is there no talk of Sheila Jackson Lee for VP? She could follow in the footsteps of other great Texans like the Bushes and LBJ. s/k

texansamurai | April 22, 2020 at 4:24 pm

regardless of his politics, bush will never be a true texan

few politicians that have ever lived could touch lbj for his wily, crooked ways

She definitely has the capacity, and it shows.

She has the capacity, all right. She looks like she could eat three Thanksgiving turkeys with all the fixin’s and still have room for a keg of beer.

At least she doesn’t look like Bruce Jenner’s twin – as that fascist freak Whitmer does.

Take those two, add their shoe size, dress size and all the digits on the feet and hands, and you might get their IQ numbers.

Tons ‘o fun has a high opinion of herself. At least when she starts vocalizing, we will know it’s over.

Her own pitch for the VP nod is that she should get it because the D’s owe it to Black people to have a Black Woman VP as payback for their loyalty.


Identity Politics are garbage.

If she had anything of value to offer, she’d be touting that instead of her racial and gender Identity

Too bad for her that she isn’t Trans and Muslim, or the D’s wouldn’t be able to turn her down.

Compares greatly with a DONKEY.

Wow! Abrams doesn’t sound too desperate begging to be the VP candidate for senile ole Joe.

Wow! Abrams doesn’t sound too desperate begging to be the VP candidate for senile ole Joe.

LOL! She’s begging for the job because she’s as incompetent and unqualified as Biden. She looks like she’s capable and qualified to eat another 15 cheesburgers at lunch today. Stacy Abrams, a STONE loser.

The only official qualifications are to be 35 years old and a citizen of the USA. That means she is just as qualified as about 150 million other people. The judgement of voters then determines if she can occupy the office. After the debacle that was obama the voters not be relied on to protect us from insidious evil and incompetence,

Just like she had the competence to be the Governor of Georgia?

harleycowboy | April 23, 2020 at 7:10 pm

Did anybody else notice the picture? Just how long has she been out of the sunlight???