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Stacey Abrams Aiming for Vice President Nod: I Will Not Diminish My Ambition

Stacey Abrams Aiming for Vice President Nod: I Will Not Diminish My Ambition

“The reality is we can’t simply win the race… We have to win the system. The Electoral College is a racist and classist system.”

Failed Democratic Georgia governor nominee Stacey Abrams still yearns for the spotlight she grabbed last year.

Instead of glossing over her goals, Abrams admitted that she wants the Democratic nominee to pick her as the vice president. She also ranted against the Electoral College and America’s supposed racist system.

Abrams spoke to Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post for his podcast Cape Up.

Capehart interviewed Abrams after Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) dropped out of the presidential election.

Vice President

No one can resist propping up Abrams and try to keep her in the spotlight. I guess they hope someone will take the bait.

Capeheart asked Abrams about accepting an invite to run as vice president:

“Yes,” she said simply and then articulated why after acknowledging the “very weird position” of talking about such ambition publicly.

“I’m a black woman who’s in a conversation about possibly being second in command to the leader of the free world and I will not diminish my ambition or the ambition of any other women of color by saying that’s not something I’d be willing to do,” Abrams said to raucous applause.

Anyone shocked? Abrams tried many times to make it appear like she wanted to solely concentrate on her fight against all of that voter suppression that kept her out of the governor’s house.

Most of us saw right through her.

Racist Electoral College

Before she declared her ambitions, Abrams used Harris’s failure in the race to escalate her attacks on a racist and unjust system. After all, everything is the fault of the Electoral College (emphasis mine):

“Wanting someone to be the person doesn’t just happen through wishes, it requires deep investment. And the suspension of disbelief that often has to accompany supporting women of color, particularly black women, is just a difficult hurdle,” Abrams told me in the latest episode of “Cape Up” recorded before a live audience at the JFK library. Her critique also applied to how Harris’s campaign was covered.

“The lens used and applied to non-normative campaigns is always harder because you’re not only proving your capacity to do the job, you have to prove your right to be in the race,” Abrams said about the coverage of Harris’s campaign and the candidate’s political record. “She has a complicated story, which anyone who’s been effective in politics must have. The difference is that rather than being given the benefit of the doubt, or more importantly, having a fair set of questions asked about everyone who shared her past, the focus on what might be considered her foibles outshone any celebration of her successes.”

The reality is we can’t simply win the race… We have to win the system. The Electoral College is a racist and classist system,” Abrams said before explaining how the electoral college came to be, why the president should be elected by popular vote and what changes need to happen so that all voters can vote.

“Eliminating the Electoral College on its own won’t solve the problem as long as you have restrictive voter IDs, as long as you have polling places that could close, unless we have automatic voter registration, same day registration, until we stop having 50 different democracies that operate completely isolated from one another and until we actually believe that we want to hear from the people who are to be served,” said Abrams. “If we solve all of that, then I think we can elect women, we can elect anybody.”

Did everyone forget that America elected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012? Oh well. Some people cannot accept the fact that people simply do not like them. It has nothing to do with their race or sex.


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We don’t hate you because you’re black. We hate you because you’re a race-baiting, agitating fucking moron.

She won’t be vice president either.

Will she resign as governor in order to run? Because we *all* know she really won that race. Honest. Except for a few pieces of paper.

Ask yourself if you were Biden, Sanders, Warren, Pete, Booker, etc. would you want this loon as your VP?

IIRC, biden already mentioned her as a running mate. He did admit that he hadn’t cleared it with her, yet.
I would LOVE to see her join this dem clown car as a running mate for any one of them. Kamala Harris would personally run a bus over her to claim HER spot as veep contender. Either way, it would only widen DJT’s landslide. IMHO.

She didn’t know what it was 6 months ago and I doubt she knows now.

So I am guessing the story about pigs and the story about Stacy Abrams being next to each other is a coincidence…sort of.

Stacey Abrams will not diminish her ambition. She also refuses to take smaller helpings or fewer trips at buffets.

Somebody needs to tell her. The electoral college has nothing to do with her losing the election.

    fscarn in reply to Exiliado. | December 10, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    And had the Great Compromise never happened (each state with 2 federal senators; House based on population), from which arrangement the EC resulted, there never would have been a USA. At least not at that time. The small states were ready to walk out of the convention. btw, the Great Compromise prevailed by one vote; matters were that precarious in 1787. Had the small states walked there was the distinct possibility that they might have combined either with themselves or with a contending foreign power. Great Britain and France were continually inducing American statesmen to join with them even after the 1783 Treaty of Paris.

    Ds are funny. To them, the Constitution itself is unconstitutional.

OH, and a candidate would have to really really want to lose if they choose her as VP. I know they are all a bunch of clowns, but I doubt they are that dumb.

“I Will Not Diminish My Ambition”

So that’s it? It’s all about your ambition, you fat, gap-toothed, racist loser?

I predict that hillary will choose Abrams as her running mate and will enter the race soon. The gang running now is so bad that hillary can beat them all hands down.

If she won’t diminish her ambition, how about her donut intake?

She wants in on the graft.

If Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, biden, Kerry, Romney et al are not brought to justice, the liked of this corrupt fat slob will remain the norm in public life.

so that all voters can vote


    It’s code for people who are not legally eligible to vote voting for Socialist-Democrats. You know: aliens (some legal, mostly illegal and registered under “Motor Voter”), the underaged (14 through 17, why not they aren’t much, if any, more immature than 18 year old kids), people registered in more than one state (primarily Yankees registered at home and in their winter quarters in FL and other Southern states) and, most importantly, the famous Lyndon B. Johnson Graveyard Vote.

Stacy, go get a JOB, then pay your debts, and then SHUT UP and go away.

thalesofmiletus | December 11, 2019 at 8:33 am

As if we needed one more reason to vote for Trump.

A remedial regiment of personal finance courses is desperately needed here that could take years before she should be allowed to run for office and dip her hands in the public till again.

Stacy missed out on her previous attempted “First” when her gubernatorial victory in Georgia was stolen from her.

So now she’s set her sights on becoming the First Grossly Obese Black Woman to be Vice President.

Sorry, gaptoothedmoronsayswhat?

She is more privileged than any white person. What a door. I hope she gets kicked on her supersized can.

Has anyone mapped electoral votes by state to the state’s ethnic makeup?

Just spit-balling, but I imagine such would show the opposite of racism … the midwest / corn-belt states likely have a higher percentage of caucasians and fewer electoral votes. For example, North Dakota is like 99% white and yet has what is it, 1 electoral vote?!? California is like 50% non-white and has 57 electoral votes? WTH?!? That’s not fair at all!

I say every state gets one electoral vote and the candidate who wins 26 states is president.

Her answers don’t seem to be off-the-cuff, if you ask me (for example, her use of the word “foibles”; how often does that word show up in an extemporaneous interview?). Perhaps the questions from the interviewer were questions that she frequently gets, or perhaps she provided the interviewer with the list of questions she wanted to be asked.

“until we stop having 50 different democracies that operate completely isolated from one another”

Hmm. “The United States of America”. I wonder if she’s ever said that slowly and contemplated its meaning.

She should well consider the words of FDR’s Vice President for his first two terms as President and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Nance Garner. Garner, as a voice of experience, described the vice presidency as being “not worth a bucket of warm piss”.