One of the items on Nancy Pelosi’s wishlist for the emergency Wuhan coronavirus relief package was related to various voting changes, including large-scale mail-in voting.  Because that’s the most pressing need of the nation right now, apparently, holding the relief hostage to her attempted extortion was really necessary.  Or something.

Democrats and the media (yes, I repeat myself) are still pushing the whole restructuring voting to make it “more democratic”—not, I am quite sure, an accidental phrasing.

Unsurprisingly, the push is being met mostly with disgust by everyone else, including President Trump.

Politico reports:

Trump advisers say they are open to certain changes, such as automatically sending absentee ballot applications to voters over age 65. But they’re opposed to other moves Democrats are pushing, such as sending every voter a ballot regardless of whether they ask for one, which Republicans argue would open the door to fraud.

. . . . During an appearance on Fox News this week, Trump pushed back against an effort by House Democrats to secure billions of dollars for election assistance in the coronavirus relief package. The bill Trump ultimately signed included $400 million, a fraction of what Democrats had been seeking.


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