The Senate passed the $2 trillion Wuhan coronavirus stimulus bill on Monday night.

To no one’s surprise, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already tried to take credit for the bill.

Pelosi will hold a press conference at 10:45 am ET:

There are many problems with Pelosi’s short statement. You could call the bill passed a workers-first bill compared to the monstrosity she proposed.

Some of the pork Pelosi put in her bill made it into the final version. What does the Kennedy Center have to do with coronavirus? It received $25 million in the bill. Both Democrats and Republicans supported that portion.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS and NPR) will get $75 million.

Pelosi’s bill also contained bailouts for the post office, almost everything the Democrats want to change about voting, federal employee collective bargaining, requiring airlines to offset their carbon emissions, forcing companies to have a diverse corporate board, etc.

At her press conference, Pelosi doubled down.

This woman is delusional. The Congressional Democrats did everything they could to push their pet projects into a bill because how could you vote against the American people? The Congressional Democrats also kept voting against starting the debate on the bill.

Absolutely ridiculous. Pelosi reeks of desperation.


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