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Twitter Won’t Label Joe Biden Ad as Deceptive, Despite Obvious Anti-Trump Falsehoods

Twitter Won’t Label Joe Biden Ad as Deceptive, Despite Obvious Anti-Trump Falsehoods

“The decision stands even after WaPo gave the video ‘Four Pinocchios’ in a recent fact-check”

A new video ad the Joe Biden campaign is sharing on Twitter contains at least two obvious falsehoods. It pushes the false narrative that Trump called Coronavirus a hoax, and it rehashes the debunked ‘very fine people on both sides’ moment from Charlottesville.

In spite of these inaccuracies, Twitter will not label the ad as deceptive.

Shelby Talcott reports at the Daily Caller:

Twitter Refuses To Label Deceptive Biden Video As ‘Manipulated’ – Here’s Why

Twitter will not label a deceptively edited video from former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign as “manipulated media,” the social media platform told the Daily Caller.

A misleading campaign advertisement, tweeted by Biden March 3, 2020, attacked President Donald Trump and his reaction to the novel coronavirus. The video was cut to suggest Trump said “coronavirus … this is their new hoax” during a campaign rally in February.

Twitter said it will not add the same label to Biden’s clip because of the date it was tweeted. The social media giant recently announced a new policy where certain content will be labeled as “manipulated media” if it appears as though it was edited deceptively. A Trump campaign video was one of the first to receive this label.

The new policy began on March 5, according to Twitter. Since Biden’s video was tweeted out on March 3, Twitter will not be labeling it as “manipulated media,” the platform confirmed to the Daily Caller.

Talcott notes that even the Washington Post has called out the ad:

Watch the Biden ad below:

Meg Kelly’s fact check on this at the Washington Post is pleasantly surprising:

Biden ad manipulates video to slam Trump

An onslaught of political advertising is par for the course in any election year. The 2020 presidential contest proves to be no exception.

So, on first glance, nothing was unusual when former vice president Joe Biden, who appears to be on track for the Democratic nomination, took a swing at President Trump. On March 3, he tweeted a video with the caption, “We can’t sit by and lose this country to Donald Trump. Today, we take it back — together.” However, while the caption is standard political rhetoric, the attached video included two clips of the president that meet the Fact Checker’s standards for manipulated video. Our guide includes three broad categories: Some video is taken out of context; other content is deceptively edited; or, in the worst instances, it is deliberately altered.

Read her full analysis here.


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How can you expect him to even have a chance if people can just, you know, criticize him whenever they want?

Twitter still exists?

Two things. One, Twitter is mostly young people and their voting record is very spotty. Two, Twitter makes up a very small part of the population and is manipulated by about 10% of the twitter users. This is akin to the Russian “Influence” on FB in 2016. No one but this small group even knows about the unfairness of Twitter. If you people had any guts you would all get off of Twitter and let them die an agonizing death of liberal overload.

Twitter is a social contagion platform, which can be mitigated through judicious browsing.

caseoftheblues | March 14, 2020 at 3:10 pm

Democrats voting terrify me….Joe Biden is in mid stages of dementia…and they are HAPPY to vote for that. Seriously wtf is wrong with them!?!?

Labour here in the UK discovered at the mast general election that millions of twitter hits doesn’t mean fuck all when it comes to the real world.

Democrats will learn the same lesson in November.

    LegalParty in reply to mailman. | March 17, 2020 at 4:46 am

    Wouldn’t it be funny if, in the end, the Dems fell prey to impressions created by their on bot campaigns?

If quid pro joe’s base is as goofy as he is, then they’re all anxiously waiting for November 4th to vote him into office.
And I’m sure they’re glad knowing they’ll not to be stuck in some long line like the folks who will vote the day before them.

Sorry. This is literally a video of him calling it a hoax. I haven’t seen any un-edited video showing him saying something contextual that changes his meaning during this speech. Does anyone have a link to that? This article would have been a wonderful place to showcase such a video…