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Student Protesters at Syracuse U. Crash Luncheon for Donors and Parents

Student Protesters at Syracuse U. Crash Luncheon for Donors and Parents

“You should know what your money supports.”

These students seem determined to annoy as many people as possible. reports:

Syracuse University protesters crash luncheon; students allowed to make their case

A group of #NotAgainSU student protesters crashed a luncheon Saturday for Syracuse University donors and parents.

Most of the students were barred from entering, but a few were let into the luncheon at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, protesters said on the #NotAgainSU Twitter account. The university denies any students were barred from the event.

One student, when given a chance, faced the room and calmly said: You should know what your money supports.

“The money is not being allocated to any people of color. It is not being allocated to people who are disabled,” the student said in a video posted on Instagram. “And this school has been constantly lying to the blogs and the media, trying to make us look like we are the bad guys, when really, the administration has been avoiding us.”

#NotAgainSU has been occupying Crouse-Hinds Hall since Feb. 17, protesting what they say is racism and prejudice on campus. The group, which was formed after a rash of racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on campus during the fall semester, has vowed to stay inside the building until administrators meet their demands.


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Children should be seen, not heard.

I don’t believe a word of the complaint.

The ghost of Al Sharpton lives. Oh wait, he’s still alive? Who knew?

The Friendly Grizzly | March 2, 2020 at 1:23 pm

How many of those donors are now not donors?

If these are typical university activists (*cough*BDS*cough*), I think we know where the anti-semetic graphiti originated.

Quick way to end student protests at donor luncheons:


Well, I suspect the ultimate outcome will not be the one the protestors desire. If I am a parent, I am getting MY kid out of that school as soon as the semester is over. So enrollment is going to be down in the fall. I don’t know how the donors will respond, but don’t think it will be by funding a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant for the oppressed Black Students*

*who aren’t so oppressed that they can’t attend college.

    artichoke in reply to Hodge. | March 3, 2020 at 2:06 am

    Not to worry too much, the student comments were blistering below a recent article in the student newspaper about their blocking the streets.

    The average student has no respect for the acting-out of these troublemakers.

Just as much goes to each student of color as each student of non-color. And it should not be a penny more. No special cashflow just for your of-coloredness.