These students recently said they are in fear for their lives yet now they’re blocking traffic.

Campus Reform reports:

Caught on video: Black-masked Syracuse protesters ‘blocking traffic’

Leftist protesters at Syracuse University blocked off at least two city blocks Wednesday night in what is the latest development in the months-long standoff between the school administration and protesters who have named their movement “Not Again SU,” a reference to a string of reported racist and anti-semitic incidents on campus. reported Wednesday that 100 students, faculty, and other leftists protesters took to the streets of Syracuse, New York, near the university campus, and staged a sit-in, blocking and holding up traffic for at least two city blocks. Protesters chanted, some of whom wore black masks, chanted, “No justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “SU puts the ‘S’ in White Supremacy.”

Watch below:

Featured image via Twitter video.


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