Never let a crisis go to waste! When the government sees an opportunity to obtain more power they take it. Thing is they will never let go once it gets that power.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi displayed that attitude today with her “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act.”

Don’t you love the names they give their bills? You cannot vote against it because then you hate workers and families!

The bill does have a few parts that will actually help workers and families:

  • $30 billion directly provided to states to help them stabilize their funding for schools.
  • $10 billion to help alleviate the harm caused by the coronavirus on higher education institutions, while providing them with added flexibility to continue operating during the crisis.
  • The legislation also would help current borrowers with their student debt burden and GI Bill benefits.

Pelosi’s press release on the bill only highlights the parts that address those affected by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Even then it leaves out the parts that describe ways the government will continue to impede private businesses.

So let’s look at the pork and big government portions of the bill.

Rachel Bovard at The Conservative Partnership Institute did an excellent job outlining the material not related to coronavirus.

The bill includes a bailout for the post office. The Democrats want to force big corporations to have diversity on the corporate board. There are a few parts about voting because that fits in with this pandemic.

Don’t forget retirement plans for local journalists!

Full text: Nancy Pelosi Cor… by charliespiering on Scribd


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