2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will not go quietly.

His campaign wants the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) to recanvass 25 precincts and three satellite caucuses.

The Sanders campaign asked IDP Chair Tom Price to recanvass these places due to the caucus fiasco:

Mathematical errors and inconsistencies in the tabulations for 25 precincts and three satellite caucuses led to at least 3.2312 too many state delegate equivalents (SDEs) to be assigned to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and at least 2.3942 too few to my campaign.

These errors and inconsistencies are ripe for review because their correction would change the national delegate allocation by moving, at a minimum, one PLEO delegate from Mayor Buttigieg to my campaign.

Sanders claimed he would end up 563.922 SDEs while Buttigieg would land with 561.071 SDEs.

On Thursday, the IDP declared former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg the winner with 26.2% of the delegates. Sanders came in second with 26% of the delegates.

The problems with the caucus on Monday happened almost right away. The app the IDP used crapped out, which caused irregularities. Price claimed they had a paper trail and everything online was secure. However, it took them four days to declare a winner.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez demanded IDP perform a complete recanvass of the precincts. The IDP said they would only do it if one of the candidates requested it.

The IDP released its final numbers on Sunday. Buttigieg got 14 delegates and Sanders got 12.


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