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Iowa Democratic Party Declares Buttigieg Winner of Iowa Caucus

Iowa Democratic Party Declares Buttigieg Winner of Iowa Caucus

However, the AP could not declare a winner due to so many irregularities.

Reuters tweeted out that the Iowa Democratic Party declared former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg winner of Monday night’s caucuses.

The final tally with 100% of the precincts reporting:

Buttigieg – 26.2%
Sen. Bernie Sanders – 26.1%
Sen. Elizabeth Warren – 18%
Former Vice President Joe Biden – 15.8%
Sen. Amy Klobuchar – 12.3%

The news comes right after the Associated Press announced on Thursday evening it could not declare a winner in the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

From the AP:

Further, the party has yet to report results from some satellite caucus sites, from which there are still an unknown number of state delegate equivalents to be won.

“The Associated Press calls a race when there is a clear indication of a winner. Because of a tight margin between former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders and the irregularities in this year’s caucus process, it is not possible to determine a winner at this point,” said Sally Buzbee, AP’s senior vice president and executive editor.

The AP will continue to report and review the results from the Iowa Democratic Party as it completes its tabulation, as well as the results of any potential recanvass or recount.

The problems on Monday night became apparent almost right away. The app the IDP chose to use crapped out, which led to irregularities.

Earlier on Thursday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez tweeted that he had enough with the IDP. He demanded the IDP “to immediately begin a recanvass.”

Perez explained that a recanvass means “a review of the worksheets from each caucus site to ensure accuracy.”

The IDP said “it would conduct a recanvass if one was requested by one of the candidates.”


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If the fraud wasn’t so serious, it’d be comical.

Butthead was a milquetoast mayor of a small town, and he is an odd little wimpy man chockfull of bad ideas.

Make him president?

Joe’s malarkey (and sizeable corruption) have caught up to him.

“Doctor Biden, Doctor Biden. Paging Doctor Jill Biden”

“Husband needs your curative powers immediately – Code Blue – Code Blue”

“But, but I’m not a real doctor. I only have a EdD in so-called ‘educational leadership,’ a degree considered by many, myself included, as a phony credential. Despite that, Joe and I pretentiously insist that people address me as ‘Doctor.’ In truth I’m really only qualified to lead 4th graders to play areas for recess. But it’s also qualified me to lead Joe to his favorite chair after dinner so he can look at the big letters on Wheel of Fortune.

“I’m as phony as Joe”

Bernie will be 79 before the November election.

Hillary will probably insert herself into the story during the DNC convention.

Sure glad that Trump is interested in pulling another term. My guess is that pelosi will not be around for the next Congress..

Peteyboy should stick with what works. He is not presidential material.

    I wonder how he thinks he’s even got a chance since he’s polling near ZERO with blacks.

    The black vote is huge this election, especially where Pete is concerned. In ’16, the black vote accounted for 12% of all votes cast nationwide. Between the top two, 88% went to Clinton, 8% to Trump.

    Recently I’ve read Trump support among blacks is as much as 40%. Of 135 million votes cast in 2016, a 32% swing to Trump in Black support (from 8% to 40%) gives him another 5.2 million votes based on 2016 turnout. The popular vote difference in 2016 was 2.9 million votes.

    If Pete’s the nominee, I’d expect Trump support among blacks to be much more than 40% or blacks sit out 2020 altogether. Either way, the Dems are cooked.

    That goes a long way with me in explaining the Dems gross overuse of the “racist” charge against Trump and co.

      oldgoat36 in reply to MrE. | February 6, 2020 at 10:36 pm

      The DNC is most likely looking to fraud their way into a brokered convention.
      It allowed them to name their candidate, no matter how they claim the person would be chosen. It stops Heart Bernie and his Communist/socialist hard left push, along with reduction of the AOC squats influence (or at least that is their hope), and being late to the games their choice – who isn’t currently running unless they settle for Bloomberg buying the nomination – means less time for opposition research efforts and all this campaign trail hubris they are building up.
      This is their way of bringing in a somewhat stealth candidate which they think will stymie President Trump’s ability to take them down. I doubt they would consider Hillary again. It would likely be a woman, possibly of “color”, so they can use the sexist/racist memes against Trump.

        murkyv in reply to oldgoat36. | February 7, 2020 at 2:13 am

        Chris Matthews is hoping they settle on Adam Schitt

        Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot to watch Trump and Bugeyes in a one on one debate

“The problems on Monday night became apparent almost right away. The app crapped out which led to irregularities!”

I imagine people asking, “Hey Butt, how’d you win?”

And he answers, “The app crapped out which led to irregularities.”

    oldgoat36 in reply to UserP. | February 6, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    Butt I Judge knew the results before the results were in, declaring victory, so you know he is in on the cheating being done for his behalf or really against the Heart Bernie.

    The app was designed by a couple of campaign staffers for Hillary and the main designer has been gushing over Butt I Judge since he said he was running. Yeah, not too suspicious, is it?

    Biden is providing more gaffs than ever as he feels the heat and had been thrown under the bus during the shampeachment. I think the pressures are bringing out the brain damage he suffered from those hemorrhages of the brain, that damage doesn’t repair itself and usually gets worse over time. So removing votes for Biden is a plus. That app worked just as designed, the crashes were a feature, not a bug.

Many sites that predict elections and such have the percentage of a brokered convention for the National Socialists at anywhere from 22 – 35%. That is pretty high numbers given how early it is in all this process.
Buttigieg isn’t going to do well in Southern States, and make no mistake – the man is very radical left, he just hides it better than Warren and Heart Bernie.
The DNC wants Biden out but not too quickly as that might mess up their plans of inserting their own choice pick over the voters choice.
They have concerns over the Heart Bernie Bros and losing them potentially for good if they are too obvious with their cheating their idiot leader.
The DNC is fractured, and they got more beat up through Il Duce Pelosi’s frantic, hate filled, lunatic push for impeachment. Her antics at the SOTU hurt her party some more, in addition to her lies not being bought much anymore. Add in Heart Bernie, Fauxcahontis, A mayor radical, and an extremely off putting totalitarian Billionaire Bloomberg, which is not exciting any one other than the Bernie Bros who are frightening the typical clueless Democrat voter.
The Bernie Bros are livid and nearing revolt over the Iowa engineered mess, which was a test case to see how far they can push their fraud. NH will be the next shot they look to mess around with, though they are going to thread the needle to make it far less obvious that they are cheating against Heart Bernie. I expect they will bump up Warren’s and possibly Biden’s numbers a bit more to offset Bernie’s while injecting more votes from Bernie to Buttigeig.

    I think it is becoming more and more apparent the DNC plans to have a brokered convention. It’s pretty clear that none of the wishful thinkers who are currently running, or limping along as the case may be, have a snowball chance against Trump. As you intimated in another post, the DNC will not run with Hillary this time around, but will likely pick a female and a person of color would be a plus.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to oldgoat36. | February 6, 2020 at 11:38 pm

    Congressman Lee Zeldin Demands Nancy Pelosi Step Down as Speaker; Matt Gaetz to File Ethics Charges Against Her for Destroying an Official Government Document
    —Ace of Spades

Bernie is going to run for President, if not on the Democratic Party some other line. Waiting another 4 years is not an option

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | February 6, 2020 at 11:31 pm

John Ekdahl @JohnEkdahl

The DNC, while unable to declare the winner, has announced it’s “definitely not Bernie, though”

Bwa ha ha, Hillary as Vice-President? And who’d be dumb enough to run at the top of that ticket?

I mean, would you want her a heartbeat away from the presidency if it were your heart?


– So Sanders got more votes. (Wins the popular vote.)
– And in the final count, they got an equal number of delegates. (Ties in the electoral-college equivalent)
– But Buttigieg was up in “state delegate equivalents” — a mathematical construct used in the middle.

So… did they announce ahead of the caucus that a “winner” would be declared based on SDEs, or did they decide that after they realized that would be the only metric by which Bernie didn’t win?

The only surprise is that NBC and AP are being critical.

I bet the Dems wish they could run a rigged up hack show like this in the general.

If you aren’t stealing elections, then you aren’t a real Dem.