Former NYC Mayor and now Democrat presidential contender Mike Bloomberg is not a tall man. A fact which Trump seized upon when granting one of his infamous and cheesy nicknames (see also: Crooked Hillary. Low Energy Jeb. Sleepy Joe. Crazy Bernie).

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted about Bloomberg’s barrage of ads and in said tweets referred to the former mayor as “Mini Mike.” This one made me chuckle, silly as it is.


Bloomberg’s campaign reacted, calling Trump a fat, orange liar. So, equally as mature.

Bloomberg National Press Secretary Julie Wood focused issued a brief statement: “The president is lying. He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.”

But according to a groundbreaking report from the Washington Free Beacon, Trump might not be lying when it comes to Bloomberg’s vertical stats.

The Bloomberg campaign was quick to shoot down President Donald Trump’s claim that the Democratic presidential candidate plans to use a box to boost his height at Friday’s Democratic debate. While Bloomberg may not mount a box later this week, the former New York City mayor used height-boosting boxes and modified podiums to boost his height throughout his mayoralty.

In a 2002 report on Bloomberg’s first mayoral press conference, the New York Daily News reported that Bloomberg used a box at his mayoral inauguration. “The box, however, ended up causing trouble; Bloomberg nearly fell while stepping off it as he returned to his seat,” the newspaper reported.

The same report indicated that the lectern at the front of the room was also shorter than the one used by Bloomberg’s predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, and while Bloomberg “alleges he’s in the ballpark of 5 feet 10,” he “is actually several inches shorter.” The city’s new mayor, the report said, is “somewhat sensitive about his height.”

…In 2015, Bloomberg needed to use “a step platform” when speaking at the same podium as de Blasio. The Post estimated that Bloomberg was “nearly a foot shorter.” That would place Bloomberg closer to 5-foot-5 than his purported height of 5-foot-10.

Bloomberg seems to be sensitive about his height like Trump is sensitive about his hands. As Professor Jacobson noted, responding emotionally is THE worst thing the Bloomberg camp could’ve done here. Trump will always win that game.

Because now this is happening:


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