Hundreds of Native Americans recently demanded Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) renounce any claim to Native American ancestry and admit that her family lore stories were false.

This led Fox News anchor Bret Baier to ask 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN), during her town hall appearance on Fox News, if Warren should do drop those claims.

Did Klobuchar stand up for real Native Americans against Warren? No, Klobuchar wimped out:

BAIER: This week hundreds of Native Americans wrote a letter to Senator Warren saying she should renounce her claims to Native American ancestry. Should she?

KLOBUCHAR: I think that she has explained this issue many times and to me what’s more important is what are we going to do to American for Americans going forward and Native Americans going forward. I actually come from a state with many tribes and I am proud of the work I’ve done with our Native American communities. Our lieutenant governor in the state of Minnesota is the highest-ranking Native American in state office. She is, her name’s Peggy Flanagan. She’s supporting me and we have put together a good plan when it comes to Native American health care and the work that needs to be done for sovereignty and the work that needs to be done economically and I’m just focused on that. If you got in on the debate stage, Brett, I am not picking fights except for the clear difference between me and Senator Sanders and Senator Warren when it comes to policy.

BAIER: You also run on authenticity and you say that you’re an authentic candidate and that’s why I’m just saying you have to differentiate. That’s just not an issue you’re going to go down?

KLOBUCHAR: I would be glad to have a policy debate especially with President Trump who I think is the one who has been throwing around names and calling her names but also in Native American names. I don’t like it. It’s not the kind of president I’m gonna be and I think a new president like myself will bring people together and that’s what we should be doing.


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