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University of Wyoming Prof to Run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat

University of Wyoming Prof to Run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat

“has been a force for making the types of change she’s seen as necessary in the world”

She was expected to make this announcement at the Women’s March, if that gives you any indication of her politics.

The Casper Star Tribune reports:

University of Wyoming professor second Democrat to enter race for U.S. Senate seat

Merav Ben-David is tired of trying to change things from the sidelines.

A University of Wyoming professor now for two decades, the Israel native and former African safari guide always knew she had a role to play, fighting to protect a planet that she had studied her entire life. In addition to being a researcher of global change — including pollution, climate change and their effects on wildlife — Ben-David has been a force for making the types of change she’s seen as necessary in the world, both as a resource and as a mentor to more than 1,000 aspiring wildlife professionals, many of whom are actively working in Wyoming today.

“For my entire life, I’ve collected information to help people make good management and conservation decisions,” she said in an interview with the Star-Tribune this week. “So you could say I’ve dedicated my entire life to that cause.”

But Ben-David feels she can do more. And as time progressed, she realized generating that information was not enough. Which is why, at Saturday’s Women’s March in Laramie, the longtime Democrat was expected to officially announce she is running for the U.S. Senate, hoping to join a wave of scientists elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.

Though running in the state’s minority party — and on a cause many voters in Wyoming many see as an existential threat to the state’s energy-rich economy — Ben-David says her campaign is based not in being adversarial to the Wyoming way of life but in opportunity. A lover of public lands, Ben-David sees the state’s bipartisan love for open spaces as a chance to build a coalition beyond politics, hoping to pull voters in just enough to listen to the vision she’s selling.


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Wyoming went 70% Trump, 22% Hillary. Highest in the Nation.
Maybe she can try to use her Israel experience to get the Evangelical rapture vote. But at the rate the Democrats are descending into madness, Wyoming will still be a 2 party state – GOP and Libertarians.

Oh, and we have lots of people open carrying (the Yellowstone Tourists sometimes don’t accept our culture), and are very nice, you can leave your key in your unlocked car and it will be there in the morning.

(BablyB) In the Equality state, we rather early figured out there were crazies (they call them SJWs today) that we would need to quarantine in an asylum, but it woudn’t look good to be too forceful. So we invited them to the University where they mostly are too busy and leave the rest of us alone.

Now if we can only fix J-Hole, where the Central Bankers, Californicator diaspora, and other undesirables gather. The only place in Wyo I have ever experienced a traffic jam not caused by a cattle drive. But it is a tectonically active region.