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Dem Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Biden Family Members Shouldn’t Profit From Political Relatives

Dem Rep. Joe Kennedy III: Biden Family Members Shouldn’t Profit From Political Relatives

“I understand the responsibility that comes with holding a position of public responsibility and ensuring there is a very clear delineation there…”

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) is currently challenging Senator Ed Markey to replace him as United States senator for Massachusetts. During a recent appearance on CNN, he expressed some concern about the appearance of Hunter Biden profiting from his father’s political connections.

This is especially rich coming from a man whose relatives have treated politics like a family business. It’s fair to say Joe would probably not enjoy his current career if his last name was Jones.

Madison Dibble reports at the Washington Examiner:

‘Plenty of family members in office’: Kennedy warns Bidens against appearing to profit off political relatives

Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III explained the bad optics that can come of a political family that appears to profit off public office amid the scandal facing the Bidens.

Kennedy, who hails from a political dynasty as the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, was asked on Sunday’s State of the Union how he felt about Hunter Biden holding down a high-paying board position for a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas firm while his father was leading policy in the region as vice president to President Barack Obama.

“I think it is certainly worth putting that out there and worth trying to make sure there is not any sort of profit that is going to be earned by close relatives being in office. And I have had plenty of family members in office. I understand the responsibility that comes with holding a position of public responsibility and ensuring there is a very clear delineation there so that others aren’t profiting off it,” Kennedy explained.

See the video below:

Kennedy just opened a few new offices around Massachusetts.

His Organizing Director, “Steph” writes at Medium:

Momentum: Team Kennedy Opens New Offices Across Massachusetts

Hey! Steph, Organizing Director at Kennedy for MA, here. Our Team has seen tremendous grassroots support across the state, and we’re ready to harness that energy to continue building an energized, inclusive campaign that can’t be beaten!

Joe has prioritized traveling to every corner of the Commonwealth and meeting people where they are — our growing field team will do exactly the same.

We’re so grateful to be welcomed into Roxbury, Lowell, and Worcester. We’re looking forward to being an active and engaged presence in these communities throughout 2020.

Anyone with even a casual understanding of politics can see the big picture here. Joe’s aspirations obviously don’t end at the United States Senate.

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“Kennedy III explained the bad optics that can come of a political family that appears to profit off public office”

Ah, pal, it’s not an appearance. Beyond any shadows of doubts, all the profiting is factual.

    We need a kennedy III like we need a biden II, a pelosi II, a kerry II, a jarrett II, an obama I 1/2, a clinton III, a bush III, a romney II, a mccain II, a flake II, a corker II, a murkowsky III, and the like.

    For the sane: What has this bozo accomplished in his life? Nada.

    For the leftist crazy: He wasn’t even a bad mayor of a small town. He’s not even gay or black. He’s not even an open fascist. He wasn’t even a bartender. He doesn’t openly hate Jews or white people.

yup, just ask your great grandfather who sold valueless penny stocks to poor irish immigrants… the Kennedy Klan: getting rich off the back of the poor for generations… talk about reparations!?!

The Friendly Grizzly | January 4, 2020 at 12:27 pm

Will no one rid us of this disgusting family?

    Kennedy III obviously thinks he has a shot. In addition to being in his 70s, Markey ain’t too bright and has few if any lefty legislative credits. He’s in the same league as Biden.

    Warren was re-elected in 2018, so her times-up won’t be until 2024 (com’n, you think she’s gonna become POTUS?). Kennedy won’t wait until 2026 when Markey (should he win again in 2020; yep, those MA voters fall so stupidly for all these old Ds), so III reasons his “turn” is now. So he thinks.

    What a state. So hard to believe that it was one of the Original Thirteen.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to pfg. | January 4, 2020 at 12:45 pm

      Connecticut, New York, Maryland… hard to believe they were in the first 13!

        Conservative Beaner in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | January 4, 2020 at 9:06 pm

        Hard to imagine that the cradle of American liberty is now the cradle of American stupidity.

          The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Conservative Beaner. | January 5, 2020 at 9:24 am

          Stupidity? Certainly. but even more: many of the original 13 are burdened with very high taxes, laws that restrict everthing from self-defense to the size of one’s beverages, control of one’s personal property, that sort of thing.

    They tend to do a decent job of it themselves.

    But, we should be helping.

Joe III looks like the fabled red headed stepchild. Maybe a DNA test is in order.

Is there no self-awareness in the Demorat party? This is unbelievable that this fool, who wouldn’t be in Congress except for his name, cannot see the hilarity of his comment.

give that man an oldsmobile. he wins the award for least introspection evah…

Stating the obvious. But, in an era of Dhimmi-crat apparatchiks’ profound sense of entitlement to gaining easy wealth via political cronyism and their weak attempts at rationalizing and justifying their members’ manifest corruption, the obvious becomes notable.

The fluffing of candidates egos by their campaign managers are probably more desired than the fluffing in the adult film industry.

Is this the guy who was caught on camera drooling in anticipation during his public announcement that he was running for office?

This guy is named Kennedy, is he sober.

In the meantime, check his pedigree. Joe was a Nazi sympathizer, who also had a daughter lobotomized to make her controllable, uncles are serial womanizers, one of which killed one in his auto. The family fortune was made bootlegging. Don’t even mention inbreeding.

Gag me with a spoon. He does seem to have those high Cherokee cheekbones

of the entire kennedy clan believe only RFK had the makings of a true public servant/leader–the rest of them? lord–this guy looks like a cross between wasserman-shitz and howdy-doody–listening to him is immediately obvious he’s as stupid as he looks