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Rep. Joe Kennedy to Challenge Sen. Markey in Massachusetts Senate Race

Rep. Joe Kennedy to Challenge Sen. Markey in Massachusetts Senate Race

Just what this country needs — another political dynasty

It’s official, well, almost. Rep. Joe Kennedy will challenge Sen. Markey. Formal announcement to be made Saturday.

From the Boston Globe:

Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III, the last member of the Democratic dynasty serving in Washington, plans to formally announce Saturday that he is launching a primary challenge to Senator Edward J. Markey, an audacious political move that could open fissures within the Democratic Party and reshape the Massachusetts political landscape.

Kennedy will make his announcement at a breakfast with supporters and local community members at East Boston Social Centers, according to two people close to him. From there, Kennedy will tour the state through Monday, highlighting issues he plans to center his campaign on, including health care access, mental health and addiction issues, climate change, and civil rights, the people said.

Kennedy informed Markey of his decision Wednesday, one of the people added. A spokesperson for Markey’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kennedy has a looooong road ahead if he’s going to pull this off. Older, more seasoned Democrats are not on board with Kennedy’s decision and have issued public warnings saying as much.

Joe Kennedy doesn’t have to just beat incumbent Ed Markey to win a Senate seat. He’ll also have to trounce Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Senate Democrats’ campaign arm — and maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The 38-year-old congressman and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy will confront a buzz saw of Washington Democrats if he takes the leap to challenge the Massachusetts senator, a move that would create a massive distraction for the party in a safe Democratic state amid a battle for both the White House and the Senate majority.

“That kind of intraparty fighting is not good in the long term. And I don’t think it will be good for Joe Kennedy,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) warned. “I’m a survivor of the [Ted] Kennedy-[Jimmy] Carter fight. I know how long those sentiments last.”

With Kennedy flirting with the race and leading in early polls, Markey has moved quickly to shore up support from both the Washington establishment and prominent progressives. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) has endorsed him, and Schumer said the party is “fully behind Sen. Ed Markey.”

As Mike blogged last week, Kennedy supports abolition of the Electoral College and term limits for Supreme Court justices.

Should be a great sideshow addition to the 2020 circus.


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I read somewhere the Dems have suggested he wait for Warren to win the presidency for an appointment to finish her term. That he’s jumping in suggests he doesn’t think Warren will win and thereby vacate.

    Barry in reply to MrE. | September 18, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    In other words, the dems have told Kennedy to go take a hike.

    Just ups the price of popcorn stock. Nothing I like more than a good public fight among the commies.

    Kennedy will win. why? Because the nitwit commies in Massachusetts are stupid, they’ll always vote for the murdering clan.

      The_Mew_Cat in reply to Barry. | September 18, 2019 at 9:57 pm

      You can run as a write-in in Massachusetts. Don’t they think of that? Well established incumbents defeated in primaries have run as write-ins before. So yes, go long on Popcorn.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MrE. | September 18, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    Think you’ve got it figured out.

    Lizzie is the older, uglier, meaner Hillary Clinton clone.

    Hillary and Lizzie have already been colluding together in their meetings.

Speaking of a-holes trying to destroy our way of life:

American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging plane denied bail over possible terrorist ties:

Another Kennedy with a narcissistic streak. There as bad as the Clintons. Just won’t go away.

whatever they do, they better not let him drive a car…

Jack as a pol, 1947-1963, would not recognize this grandnephew in any political sense. But this young Kennedy draw on the heartstrings of the stupid Massachusetts voter, reminding them of Jack and Bobby. Wisely he’ll probably avoid mentioning Fat Boy Ted.

As many others have noted, Jack would not have a place in today’s Democrat Party.

    walls in reply to pfg. | September 19, 2019 at 8:46 am

    This will be perfect political fodder for Howie Carr, who used to broadcast his show from that Chappaquiddick bridge every anniversary.

Ah hell. I live in Massachusetts. This is the kind of sh!7 we have foisted upon us. It’s like asking about which level in hell is a better match for the sin of living in such a place.

Markey is an abomination of life, so much as an overflowing septic system. So, along comes a septic system maintenance executive.

I cannot do either of them but, given a Kennedy vs anyone… anyone has to be better than a goddamned Kennedy.

They are both credulous, ill-educated idiots.

“….highlighting issues he plans to center his campaign on, including health care access, mental health and addiction issues, climate change, and civil rights, the people said.”

Typical Kennedy platform…..very little substance, beyond mental health/addiction.


This is good. I hope Kennedy wins. Even better, I’d love to see a disgruntled Markey run against him as a write-in candidate in the General Election. That might even allow a Republican to sneak in!

Another inbred, drunk Kennedy from Massachusetts. Just what the Senate needs. What is wrong with them. They are giving Minnesota a run to the bottom.

Profiles in Hubris.

Kennedy has the advantage, not just the name, but the fact that Markey is a resident of Maryland, where he has lived since joining Congress decades ago. Markey is a Schumer like slime that never saw a microphone or tv camera he would not go before. However, he represented the north shore and only ran statewide once, for Kerry’s seat. There are still people in MA that worship the evil Kennedy’s so my bet is that Joe wins.

given the kennedy hubris, why not just announce for president? believe he’d put the fear of god in the rest of the demos and as we’ve unfortunately seen before, just like ill-qualified turds with less name recognition, he might become the nominee

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to texansamurai. | September 19, 2019 at 11:38 am

    If he announced for the presidency, a certain segment of the voters would melt and carry on like their grandmothers did for Elvis, and for The Beatles.

Mr. Frosty! Enjoy retirement! Boston Globe Poll has Jo-Jo III 14 point lead over Markey. Ed is dead.