Tuesday, Professor Jacobson blogged about one of THE most tone-deaf cable news segments I’ve ever seen. A CNN panel hosted by Don Lemon, billing Rick Wilson, (a former Republican political consultant who sold his soul to the NeverTrump brigade and now poses as a token “Republican” on CNN and MSNBC to trash actual Republicans and right-leaning folk) were overcome with fits of laughter while mocking Trump and Trump supporters as bassackwards hillbillies, ignoramuses, and simpletons.

They still don’t get it. Clearly.

Har har, Trump supporters are DUMB, y’all.

It also perfectly captures the microcosm of coastal media and Trump Derangement Syndrome who have learned nothing, nada, zip from 2016.

Anyway, shortly thereafter the good folks manning the RNC digital front cut the segment, spliced it with the Democrat presidential candidates saying similarly disparaging nonsense, and outside of dramatic intros and outros, added one pithy little statement — “They think you’re a joke.”


It’s all too easy.


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