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“Under Chairwoman McDaniel’s leadership, the GOP lost both houses of Congress and the White House, and seriously underperformed in 2022 by further losing ground in the Senate and only barely winning a majority in the House”...

The Republican National Committee has decided to listen to conservative voters for once and has voted to part ways with the Presidential Debate Commission. For years, Republican voters have tuned in to a political debate only to see a liberal journalist as moderator, who often ends up arguing with the Republican candidate more than the Democrat on stage.

I have to hand it the GOP, I did not expect the Republican National Convention to be as effective and good as it was. It was the greatest show on earth for those four nights, driving home messaging that was extremely damaging to Joe Biden and reaching out to voter groups that are not traditional Republican voters.

The Republican National Convention defied expectations. The line-up of speakers was inspiring, the production quality was excellent, and it was much more dynamic than the Democratic National Convention. It was apparently also a hit with donors, who gave $76 million to the Trump campaign throughout the week.

The third night of the Republican National Convention featured a wide variety of speakers, but one speech that truly stood out came from former NFL player and self-described 'lifelong Democrat' Jack Brewer. Brewer addressed some of the common lies told about President Trump, and even excoriated the media for pushing misinformation.

Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School teenager who was smeared by mainstream media outlets after he stood toe to toe with a professional protester during the march for life, was asked to speak at last night's RNC. Sandmann experienced the full wrath of a national cancellation campaign perpetrated by the media, celebrities, and even higher education.

We didn't cover the first night of the Republican National Convention 'live' last night because our expectations were so low. Wow, was I surprised at how good it was.