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Bernie v. Trump is the battle we need, just as Britain needed Corbyn v. Johnson

Bernie v. Trump is the battle we need, just as Britain needed Corbyn v. Johnson

We need a clarifying moment, not a mushy Biden v. Trump election. Let’s choose, capitalism or socialism, western society or the red-green alliance.

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Bernie is staging a major comeback in fundraising and media perception as Democrats head into the Iowa caucuses in just over a month.

How quickly talk turned from Warren being inevitable, to Bernie being “ascendant” as WaPo says, and now going on attack against Biden:

“It’s just a lot of baggage that Joe takes into a campaign, which isn’t going to create energy and excitement,” Sanders said. “He brings into this campaign a record which is so weak that it just cannot create the kind of excitement and energy that is going to be needed to defeat Donald Trump.”

It’s a long way from here to Bernie being the Democrat nominee, but who else will it be? Biden? Maybe, but there’s no energy there.

If Warren continues to fall, will her supporters go to a crony corporatist like Biden? Combined, the far-left wing of the party as reflected in combined Bernie and Warren supporters far outpaces Biden. If the far left coalesces around Bernie, there’s no reason he can’t win the nomination.

A Bernie v. Trump battle is the battle we need, just as Britain needed far-leftist anti-Western anti-Israel Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn versus conservative capitalist pro-Western pro-Israel Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson.

The targeted killing of Iranian terror chief Qassem Soleimani brings that contrast into focus. Corbyn rubbed shoulders with and revered Palestinian terrorists; Bernie has surrounded himself with people like Linda Sarsour who do the same. Corbyn was the great hope of the anti-Israel movement, as is Bernie despite Bernie’s claim not to be one of them.

There is little difference between the company Corbyn kept, and the company Bernie keeps. Bernie would be far more than non-interventionist, he’s in bed with the red-green alliance just like Corbyn was.

It was Britain’s time for choosing. And Britain chose life for itself.

The risk that Corbyn might have won was unnerving, since anything can happen in an election. So too, a Bernie presidency, with its realignment not just of economic policy but of the economic system itself, and the sea change in foreign policy it would bring, is unthinkable. While the conventional wisdom is that Trump would trounce Bernie easily, anything can happen so there are no guarantees.

But facing the unthinkable can be a clarifying moment. It certainly was for the British, who elected conservatives in districts held by Labour for decades.

We need a clarifying moment, not a mushy Biden v. Trump election. Let’s choose, capitalism or socialism, western society or the red-green alliance, Israel or the destruction of Israel, private medical care or government run medical care, free enterprise or 5-year plans, on down the line.

Everything will be at stake in a Bernie v. Trump contest. Present the country with that stark choice.


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Bernie sanders is a corrupt piece of garbage, who was bought-off last election by hillary clinton, for the price of a crappy third house.

Sanders has never even run the proverbial hot dog stand, let alone the United States.

We saw the results of electing a corrupt treasonous dilettanten 2008. Now we’ve seen the results of electing a super-competent, honest patriot in 2016.

The whole concept of sanders, butthead, fauxcahontas, clinton, biden: they are moronic, and not worth much discussion except by corrupt grade-D actors in need of a job in the blacklist environment in hollywood.

Subotai Bahadur | January 3, 2020 at 8:44 pm

We NEED a clarifying moment, without a doubt. However, life does not give us what we need but what is the reality around us. The clarifying moment would possibly enable a peaceful resolution of our national differences. But human history does not favor peaceful resolutions.

There is a colloquial phrase involving my ethnic group and practice emergencies. I tend to refer to them as “Caucasian Cluster Copulations” instead. And that is an apt description of the supposed Democrat Party nominating process. If this is how they intend to actually choose their nominee from the current field, then there might be such a pieceful resolution as they collapse. Mind you, they might try to take each other out in vengeance, but that will just mean it will be time to order more popcorn.

The Democrat Party in fact is closer to the Petrograd Soviet than anything else. Their goal is power and suppression of all opposition internally and externally. I expect that at their national convention the Democrats’ unelected Superdelegates will install a new candidate who has not run before. And the levels of hostility between the Democrats and the rest of the country will intensify and voting may well be the least important part of determining the outcome.

Subotai Bahadur

“Bernie is staging a major comeback in fundraising and media perception”

So? He’s still a loon. His chances of winning the nomination are poor, at best.

Too bad. It would be funny.

    Barry in reply to irv. | January 4, 2020 at 12:44 am

    Agreed. We have a new flavor, a rise and fall every couple of months with this bunch.

    If everyone drops out except Bernie and one other it’s possible. That’s not happening so we’ll have a brokered convention, and the acknowledged commie will not get the nod.

    Disagree. It would take Hillary’s DNC to cheat Sanders out of the nomination again which would so infuriate the far left Democrats that they run Sanders 3rd party as a significant spoiler.

    It would probably be in the party’s interest to let Sanders win. That would allow the party to finally rid itself of the commie usurpers AND sweep out the corrupt Clinton/Obama crime families all in one fell swoop. They can’t win a battle of attrition. Throw them all out in a spectacular national defeat.

    The Democrats need Trump to save themselves. He will trample Sanders. Why risk 2024 when the GOP might once again field a traditional squish to lose the next round and resume the civil war? The time is now. The Dems can save the nation and themselves by sacrificing 2020 for the better good of the nation.

      Wow. That would be something, but at this point, I think too many in the DNC are on board with the commies.
      I would love for them to oust them for good.

        We tend to think of Democrat voters as a monolithic block who all think alike. But like Republicans, it’s they are mostly Democrats by habit. That is changing. Most Dems are not very different than most Reps and they are NOT commies.

        The Dems are betting the farm that the legal and illegal immigrants will save them. A very tenuous assumption. Trump is going to win a surprising percent of blacks and latinos (especially the immigrants). Add that to the whites who are abandoning the party that hates them, how can they win?

        I am sure the Dem leadership knows this too. The polls we see are not correct but those are just used for propaganda. The internal polls are saying otherwise and those MUST have the Dems staring into the abyss. Will they jump? Probably not. They saw what happened when the GOP tried to jump into the abyss with McCain and Romney. It’s the middle that will save the day, not the far ends.

          RandomCrank in reply to Pasadena Phil. | January 5, 2020 at 4:34 pm

          The Real Clear Politics poll average, which is biased toward the Ds, shows Trump’s approval rating higher than at any time since he was inaugurated.

The Class of Grifters/Takers/Government Employees/NWO/Globalists


The Class of those who Produce

    pfg in reply to fscarn. | January 3, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    Which way, America?

    (A) The way of the Founders/Framers
    (B) The way of the EU/USSR/PRC/UN/Islam model

    There’s no middle road.

    Under (A), rights are pre-existing and inalienable, inherent in each person by simply existing. Government is organized, with the consent of the governed, and most importantly with defined limitations, solely to protect those rights.

    Under (B), rights are “granted” by government which exists unto itself regardless of the consent of the governed, acting as the final arbiter. Here, what government “gives” can as easily be taken away. And with (B), there are no limiting principles placed on governmental power.

    When the Founders spoke of liberty/freedom, they meant freedom FROM arbitrary government, best achieved via limited, constitutional government whereby government itself is bound by law, or do we want total government.

    America and her people become great, not because of what government could do. Rather, they became great because of what government was prevented from doing.

    Rather than government being dependent on the people, as Madison (Fed. 51 (“If men were angels . . .)) et alia had hoped, today we witness Democrats – Obama and his follow-on crowd of leftists (including the 20+ vying for the 2020 D nomination, all historical American lefties from Wilson, Debbs, FDR, LBJ, et alia) – inverting the Framers’ ideal to the point that the people, and as many as possible, must be made dependent on the government which will then go after the producers (“tax the rich” is the war cry) with a vengeance, a taste of which has been given to us beginning on 01/20/09 to date.

    We really do need a stark clarification. Which way, America?

    The world has literally been looting us. Worse, we have been looted by our own elected offiicals and government hacks.

    The apex was obama. And obama is the second reason hillary clinton is not in the White House. The first reason is hillary clinton.

A clean Bernie v Trump contest isn’t going to happen. Sure, Bernie could be nominated. But the Billionaires, personified by Bloomberg, would never accept it. In that event, Bloomberg runs 3rd party. In a 3-way contest, Bloomberg’s strategy must be to win key swing states to force the election into the House of Representatives, and to spend $5 Billion on House races so the members owe him something. While Trump is still favored in this contest, Bloomberg could possibly win.

Also consider: With both Bernie and Bloomberg on the ballot, Democratic turnout will be at all time record highs. All the Millennial Socialists will show up for Bernie, and the suburban women will all show up for Bloomberg – and both groups will vote for Democratic congressional candidates. This increases the likelihood of a fully Democratic Congress.

Democratic voters might end up holding their nose and voting for old senile crooked Biden in order to avoid a 3-way contest that results from nominating Bernie.

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to The_Mew_Cat. | January 3, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    If such should come to pass, Bloomberg as president and a Democrat Congress/Supreme Soviet there will likely be a resurgence of a phrase used by the Left since 2016.

    “Not my president.” And we can be pretty sure that unlike President Trump who officially is ignoring it, the Left will attempt to crush it. Once again, increased levels of hostility, and decreased levels of toleration for the existence of the “other” on both sides.

    Subotai Bahadur

      Walker Evans in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | January 3, 2020 at 11:31 pm

      “If such should come to pass …”

      If it does, patriots across the land will have the last laugh on those who called them “paranoid fools” for buying all that ammo.

    oldgoat36 in reply to The_Mew_Cat. | January 3, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    I don’t see any real numbers showing a lot of support for Bloomberg. He is spending a lot of money, but it’s not gaining a lot of traction for him.
    I could see him being arrogant enough to think Third Party would be his ticket, but it would split enough votes off of Bernie to hand Trump the win.
    Bernie is a communist. He hides his true loyalty talking socialism, but really, the two are apart only in how they gain power, socialism through the ballot box or communism through the violence of revolution.
    Bernie might win the nomination this time, but if he does it is the DNC conceding the election to Trump with impeachments to follow.
    Bloomberg isn’t going to peel votes from the middle, his vision of totalitarianism isn’t going to propel him into the WH.

    Tom Servo in reply to The_Mew_Cat. | January 4, 2020 at 11:51 am

    I think with all of his money, Bloomberg could easily get 4% or 5% of the vote, nationwide.

    gospace in reply to The_Mew_Cat. | January 4, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    If Bernie and Bloomberg split the liberal/communist voting bloc, Trump wins the electoral college by taking 40% of the vote in heavily Democratic states. It would be like the 1860 election. Lincoln took only 39.8% of the nationwide popular vote- and wasn’t on the ballot in most Southern states. And won the electoral college handily.

    Bernie or Bloomberg have to win a plurality in some of the states Trump won in 2016 to throw the election into the house. Even if the turnout is HUGE, if the opposition to Trump is evenly split, Trump wins.

Bernie doesn’t call himself a Democrat, and hasn’t ever worked much for the Dem party. In 2016, it seemed obvious that the Dems would throw their weight behind Hillary, who had been a party regular for many years.

I still don’t see why the Dems would wholeheartedly support Bernie, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist and lists himself as independent. It seems arrogant of him to expect them to give him an equal chance with Biden, who has long been a party regular.

I expect that something will happen in the convention to make sure that a long-time Democrat gets the nomination, most likely a Dem who has a strong record of getting elected and can convince some independents to vote Democratic.

At this point I don’t see any horse in the D’s stable that has a chance of getting out of the gate against Trump, much less actuality pulling ahead and winning. What concerns me is 2024. Will Pense run? If not, then who? And who will the D’s run? The way that party is going it wouldn’t surprise me to see them nominate a Lenin-clone!

    We have plenty of horses in the stable. The commies have broken old hags or defective pony’s.

    elliesmom in reply to Walker Evans. | January 4, 2020 at 6:58 am

    One of the things this whole impeachment debacle has brought us is name recognition for a lot of rising stars in the Republican Party. They’re young, energetic, and camera ready. When you compare say a Jim Jordan to Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler, Jordan has future POTUS written all over him. In 2024 he’ll be 59. He’s from Ohio, a swing state. He’s not the only one, and when the impeachment moves to the Senate, there will be even more.

    There are plenty of horses who can defeat us. They are not actually horses, but asses: and they are half the electorate.

    The other half of the electorate (us) are also asses for allowing the GOPe to allow themselves to be bribed by any amount, and faciliate our country’s institutions and our young being in the state they are in today.

Looks like the trend.

There’s nothing much funny about jeremy corbin. He is a cancer upon the world, much like tlaib, omar, clinton, biden, kerry and obama are.

Sanders isn’t as ‘energetic,’ but he is as corrupt.

Bernie has one issue: college costs are too high. His solutions won’t work. We need to do much, much better for our young people.

“We need a clarifying moment, not a mushy Biden v. Trump election. Let’s choose, capitalism or socialism, western society or the red-green alliance.”

I think this is exactly right. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s best to do it now when we have a chance that there are still enough sane voters to reject Bernie and his socialist (actually communist) crazy. There is really no other way to push these loons back into the fringe shadows where they belong than to resoundingly defeat their America-destroying lunacy at the ballot box.

    I think it would be risky were the Republicans running a traditional RINO squish against Bernie. Americans simply do not want communism. But Republicans must first run a candidate who will actually state the obvious about Bernie and dare to offend the left and their dirty globalist money benefactors.

    So Trump running against Bernie is not a risky proposition IMHO. It will put the RINO squishes so far out of the mainstream that we won’t have to worry about Romney and his ilk for at least 8-12 years. Meanwhile, Dems would be forced to make a lurch to the right to be anywhere near the center where they need to be to have any chance at all to get back into the conversation with the non-communist majority.

    Another thing, the Dems’ strategy of identity politics in lieu of widely-shared American values has proven to be a shallow and empty-headed big lie. They have assembled an artificial political entity based on intimidation and dirty money that people are seeing through. This is a party on the edge of elimination. If they don’t change soon, the Democratic Party will become a fringe 3rd party. The question after that will be who will the opposition party? Whoever it is, it will need to be much more centrist and with a logical, American narrative.

    I’m not afraid of a Bernie Sanders nomination.

      There are no “RINO squishes” – don’t give them a pass. What they are are paid soldiers in the swamp/left/islamic axis, no less than tlaib, obama, omar, clinton, romney and the rest.

      The two greatest events occuring in the past few years have been the election of PDJT and the death of mccain.

      Get that rat the hell out of Arlington. He’s stinking it up.

    Walker Evans in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | January 5, 2020 at 1:43 am

    But … keep a goodly supply of powder and shot, and practice, practice, practice!

In the war for the West, the best elections can do is to give us a reprieve… until we have our own long march through the institutions and recapture the popular culture.

Sanders—Trump would be my dream election. Warren—Trump would be a lose second.

Why? Because with those two yo-yos, the electorate would have a binary choice: whacko vs. get-‘er-done Trump.

Since all the House members running for reelection would have to align themselves with the candidate from their respective parties, I think we’d be able to keep the Senate and take the House. And then—barring anything catastrophic happening to DJT—some real changes could finally be made in this country.

I still worry about Michelle, simply because women and Blacks would unequivocally support her, even though she has absolutely nothing on her résumé.

    To be honest, I think Michelle would be another dream opposition candidate for Trump. She has zero executive experience, and her record is horrific. Think of the Trump campaign running her saying over and over that she was never proud to be an American until BO got nominated, her whinging on about how Ivy league law school debt beleaguered the Obamas, her sneering endlessly at everything (YouTube is full of her sneering at the military, the flag, the “little” people of America), her endless racist screeds, her big government school lunch lunacy, her supposedly being abused by racists as First Lady (something about getting something off a high shelf, but also her deep wounds as a sufferer of racism as the nation’s most powerful woman. You know. Or something.), her and her hubby’s massive wealth gained during the White House years, ALL the shady Obama stuff will stick to her, and on and on.

    How will Ms. Global Warming Alarmist explain her travel, her mansions by the sea? Remember all her social graces gaffes? Her spoiled insistence on taking separate planes to the same destination as Obama (and on the same freaking day) at taxpayer expense? Didn’t that contribute to global warming, too? She has never held public office or run so much as a lemonade stand. She’s a dream opponent for someone like Trump who won’t give a crap about the left whinging on about racism, misogyny, and sexism. I’d actually prefer her to Warren or Buttigieg.

    Any other Republican would quiver at the thought of taking on Michelle, but I suspect Trump would love to see her as his opponent for November.

      That is why I am confident that the Wookie won’t run. IMHO, talk of her running is just an attempt to drain Hillary’s support. For her to get crushed by Trump would be the end for the Obama legacy. One of the reasons I expect Sanders will be allowed to win the nomination in the end.

      It won’t save the Obama legacy but they would at least hold on to hope that they will survive to fight another day, post-Trump.


      First, she’s a racist pig, and proud of it.

      Second, she’s about as smart as she was when she grifted her way into public life. In other words, her small brain is what it was way back then, when she could not dress herself intelligently, speak publicaly intelligently or show herself to be an angry cow.

      It’s easy to pierce that balloon. Literally.

    gospace in reply to tiger66. | January 4, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    Black women would support her. Black men will stay home and sit on their hands.