Legal Insurrection readers will recall that President Donald Trump’s EPA has slammed San Francisco, which includes the 12th District of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, with potential environmental violations over its handling of sewage and wastewater.

However, instead of cleaning up the mess in her district, Pelosi is heading off to Spain for a climate change junket.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is jetting off to sunny Spain this week to talk about climate change — leaving looming issues like impeachment, federal budget appropriations and the USMCA trade treaty behind.

Only seven voting days remain on Congress’ calendar before lawmakers leave Washington, DC, for their Christmas recess.

“Taking action to protect our planet is a public health decision for clean air and clean water for our children,” Pelosi said Saturday in a statement announcing her trip, which will be joined by 14 other congressional Democrats.

The annual international climate summit, also known as COP25, is the successor to the Fench-hosted summit that forced the Paris Climate Accord on the United States. After Obama forked out $500 million to the United Nations Climate Fund, upon entering the White House, Trump rapidly signaled his plans to end American involvement in the fiscal fiasco. Trump has since officially begun the process of freeing us from the agreement.

I anticipate our President will note Pelosi’s priorities during upcoming rallies, press gaggles, and Tweets!

Pelosi’s possible choice to visit Madrid would indicate her work in Spain is more important than at home where President Trump and his Republican colleagues have been pressing her to focus on important issues such as passing the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal.

In the campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday, Nov. 26, President Trump again lashed out at Pelosi, saying “she doesn’t want to give the people of our country a victory” by approving the deal that is an “incredible agreement.”

I want to point out that Trump’s policies look like they have already fixed global warming. San Francisco tied its historic record low temperature this weekend, so no need for Pelosi to go to Madrid and seek ways to control carbon emissions!

The high temperature in the city on Thursday was forty-eight degrees. That tied a record high temperature for the coldest date for San Francisco in the month of November. That record had stood unchallenged since November 27th, 1896, when it last happened.

According to the National Weather Service, the coldest high-temperature day ever in San Francisco was a freezing thirty-five degrees on December 11th, 1932. That day also holds the distinction for the coldest record low temperature ever recorded in the city, which is twenty-seven degrees.

Pelosi’s fellow Americans have noted that she is generating a great deal of climate hypocrisy.

However, to be fair to Pelosi, I anticipate that this week’s impeachment hearings will be another political disaster for the Democrats. It does make sense for her to flee town, get drunk, and savor the perks of being Speaker while she still can. Perhaps she and her delegation are the wisest Democratic members of Congress?


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