How bad is the current crop of candidates for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination?

So bad that a recent Harvard/Harris poll shows Democrat primary voters rejecting the current slate of candidates and selecting as their top pick someone who is not even in the race. Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was their top choice.

The Washington Times reports:

She’s not running for president — yet — but Hillary Clinton was the top choice for Democratic voters in the Harvard-Harris national poll released last week.

Mrs. Clinton drew 21%, followed by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden with 20%, when registered Democrats were asked whom they would support for the 2020 party presidential nod if she and former Secretary of State John Kerry were added to the mix.

Placing third in the hypothetical race was Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders at 12%, followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 9% and ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 7%.

Hillary has been desperately clinging to her twice-dashed hope of being the first female president and repeatedly refuses to eliminate a third run.

As a bit of an hilarious aside, the same poll asked Democrat primary voters to consider a field that included John Kerry (D-MA).  He polled at 5%, trailing all of the actual candidates and Hillary.

The Daily Wire reports:

Without Clinton, the vote showed Biden with 29%, Senator Bernie Sanders with 16%, Senator Elizabeth Warren with 13%, South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg with 8%, and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg with 7%.

But when Clinton and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry were added to the list, the vote came out 21% for Clinton, 20% for Biden, 12% for Sanders, 9% for Warren, and Buttigieg and Kerry with 5%.

The prospect of a third Hillary run for the White House naturally makes me reflect on her most recent loss.

Professor Jacobson ran must-read, comprehensive reflection posts on the one-year anniversary of Clinton’s loss to President Trump:

And finally, because this never gets old (language warning):

Should she enter and lose again to “impeached” President Trump, the resultant media/leftist meltdown will make this look like objective reporting.


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