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Election Late Night 2016 – Hillary’s destiny denied, Trump earthquake causes meltdown

Election Late Night 2016 – Hillary’s destiny denied, Trump earthquake causes meltdown

Oh, what a night.

Earlier I covered how Election Day 2016 looked that morning, with Hillary expected to win easily, perhaps in a landslide, Election Day 2016 Morning – Awaiting Hillary Clinton’s Historic Victory.

As evening approached, the media, punditry, and Clinton team still were confident in Hillary’s win.

But at the evening elapsed, that confidence began to slip.

The networks began to call states, and when Ohio went for Trump, CNN talking heads became visibly concerned:

When Florida went to Trump, panic set in on the CNN set:

Apoplexia greeted the news that Wisconsin went for Trump. That was part of Hillary’s so-called blue wall.

And then the big one dropped. Pennsylvania went for Trump. And Trump was the president elect.

The NY Times website front page updates told the story.

The media meltdown was glorious (language warning):

Rachel Maddow summed up the despair:

The somber scene at Hillary headquarters was *tragic*:

You can see more Twitter reactions in Mike’s post, Liberals on Twitter React to Trump’s Win.

And then Trump took the stage well into the morning on November 9:

The night was over.

The meltdowns would continue. And they still are.


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I’m watching the CNN coverage right now on Youtube. It’s interesting — Wolf Blitzer manages to maintain a fair bit of professional decorum. He slips a little here and there but when he’s talking numbers at the big screen, he’s under control. Anderson Cooper looks like he has a serious pickle up his hind end, and the panelists are all pre-canned; you know what they’re going to say.

But for all the glee about CNN “melting down”, in retrospect they aren’t all that bad.

Tomorrow night, I watch MS-NBC 🙂

The one question that puzzles me is:

Why did Hillary cancel the fireworks 2 days before?

When you really think about it, clinton’s destiny was NEVER to be elected to high office.

Her destiny was to be a personification of the Peter Principle: she’s glammed off Bill’s status as president to buy people and position. She was humiliated by the DNC in 2008 when they tossed her like a dead mouse, and it was only a matter of someone viable stepping up to oppose her to humiliate her again. Jeb! Bush was not that guy – nor was any corrupt hack in the GOPe stable of rats we have to continue to kick out of office. (Not counting Ted Cruz.)

Trump suddenly steps up and boom! – bye-bye clinton.

She’s a joke. Always has been, and always will be. Hopefully, she’ll be a convict before she croaks.

    This lady called Shrillary Shrooooo
    Was looking for something to do.
    She blames me for her loss,
    Plus you and yours, boss;
    And next, animals in the zoo!

    The highly corruptible Hillary
    Prepared for election night frillery.
    But folks call’d deplorable
    Did something horrible,
    And put her sagg’d neck in the pillory!

I wonder if 2008 hurt her more then 2016 and whether that rejection was the reason behind her taking ownership of the DNC before the primaries had even begun?!?

Losing both though must do something to your mental state? Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall election night 🙂

    persecutor in reply to mailman. | November 9, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    No ashtray was safe in that room last November–and I bet Bubba had them all removed before the numbers started coming in.

Best. Post. Ever. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Part of the shock of Trump’s win in Wisconsin is based on the MSM’s antiquated characterization of Wisconsin as a “blue” state. It was in the past, of course, but with the election of Scott Walker in 2010 the identity of the state has changed. Republicans now hold most of the state wide political offices, both houses of the legislature, and dominate on the “non-partisan” supreme court. Most of the U.S. Representatives are Republican as is one of the U.S. Senators (Ron Johnson) who was “unexpectedly” re-elected in 2016. The media had not updated their information about Wisconsin at the time of the election. Frankly, I’m not sure that it would have made much difference had Hillary bothered to campaign here.

Trump will be impeached. No, it’s not because he colluded with the Russians, committed major fraud, or anything traditionally considered a high crime or misdemeanor. Rather, he committed the unforgivable sin of making the self-appointed MIPOE (most intelligent people on earth) look downright stupid. Nothing will contain Democrat and Leftist rage over this.