Earlier I covered how Election Day 2016 looked that morning, with Hillary expected to win easily, perhaps in a landslide, Election Day 2016 Morning – Awaiting Hillary Clinton’s Historic Victory.

As evening approached, the media, punditry, and Clinton team still were confident in Hillary’s win.

But at the evening elapsed, that confidence began to slip.

The networks began to call states, and when Ohio went for Trump, CNN talking heads became visibly concerned:

When Florida went to Trump, panic set in on the CNN set:

Apoplexia greeted the news that Wisconsin went for Trump. That was part of Hillary’s so-called blue wall.

And then the big one dropped. Pennsylvania went for Trump. And Trump was the president elect.

The NY Times website front page updates told the story.

The media meltdown was glorious (language warning):

Rachel Maddow summed up the despair:

The somber scene at Hillary headquarters was *tragic*:

You can see more Twitter reactions in Mike’s post, Liberals on Twitter React to Trump’s Win.

And then Trump took the stage well into the morning on November 9:

The night was over.

The meltdowns would continue. And they still are.

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