Today we will have posts at key points during the day and evening retracing the 2016 presidential election day, ending with the late night stunner.

Coming into the day, it wasn’t supposed to be close. For months the demise of Donald Trump was predicted. This video compilation is pretty amazing, in hindsight:

Over the summer and into October, Hillary fans figured she had it in the bag. And so did the crew at Rachel Maddow’s show, but I repeat myself.

As election day approached, there was confidence and elation from Never Trump Republicans and Democrats that Hillary would win big:

In late October 2016, Hillary wished “Happy birthday to this future president,” with a photo of herself as a child.

In his final forecast, Nate Silver gave Hillary a 72% chance of winning:

The NY Times gave Hillary an 85% chance of winning.

You can scroll through over a dozen other predictions from major polling and analysis groups. They all predicted a Hillary win.

On the morning of election day, the Clinton confidence continued.

Hillary was greeted by cheers when she went to vote that morning:

Manhattan dwellers booed Donald Trump as he arrived to cast his vote:

But the day was young. And he who laughs last, laughs best.

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