Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee and others are trying yet again to use their influence to damage Trump. Lee began accusing Trump of being unfit for office back in May of 2017, then again in January of 2018, and a third time in June of 2019.

Now she is trying to pin her group’s opinion to the Democrat impeachment inquiry.

Tyler O’Neil reports at PJ Media:

Psychiatrists Organize Campaign to Declare Trump ‘Dangerous’ as Part of Impeachment Congressional Record

Psychiatrists with the World Mental Health Coalition are soliciting signatures in a campaign to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump predicated on claims that he is mentally unstable. This campaign arguably violates the ethics of psychiatry, mimicking a historic attack on another Republican presidential candidate who successfully sued for libel after psychiatrists declared him unfit for the presidency.

In an email forwarded to PJ Media, three psychiatrists with the coalition ask other psychiatrists to sign on to a petition to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to include a statement on Trump’s supposed mental instability into the official record of the impeachment inquiry.

Dr. Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine; Dr. Jerrold Post, a psychiatrist and political psychologist who founded the CIA’s Center for Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior; and Dr. John Zinner, a clinical professor in the Psychiatry Department of the George Washington University School of Medicine, wrote the petition and statement condemning Trump.

Lee and her colleagues have been repeating this message for almost three years:

“We are American psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who have come together at this critical time in our nation’s history,” the petition begins. “We believe there are important mental health issues that need to be understood and addressed with regard to the president, whom we believe poses unique dangers to the country and the world.”

These folks need to familiarize themselves with Trump Derangement Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

John Hinderaker of Powerline has questions:

These people have never met the president, and have no basis to offer a “diagnosis” of his mental health. I believe they are violating recognized standards in their profession by issuing groundless opinions of this sort.

Moreover, they have a hard time keeping their story straight. Is Trump a warmonger, or a Putin stooge who will let Russia rampage over Eastern Europe? Or is he neither, but an America-first president who wants to end long-term conflicts in places like Afghanistan? If Trump is “unstable,” why has he hewed consistently to such a coherent, and successful, set of policy preferences? If he is a threat to the Republic, why has his administration ushered in unprecedented levels of employment and income, and especially benefited minority populations, while maintaining peace abroad?

The continued effort of Lee and her group looks like a shameless and partisan attack on President Trump which diminishes the image of their profession.


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