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Low Ratings for Last Debate Suggest Americans Have Tuned Out 2020 Democrats

Low Ratings for Last Debate Suggest Americans Have Tuned Out 2020 Democrats

Viewership fell from a high of 33 million viewers for the first Democrat debate to just six million

Not only have Americans tuned out the Democrats’ impeachment circus, but apparently, they have tuned out the 2020 Democrats, as well. The ratings for umpteenth Democrat debate on Thursday were abysmal.

In their article entitled “Democratic Debate Ratings Hit Lowest Point of 2020 Presidential Campaign,” Mediaite reports:

The final Democratic primary had one of the smallest stages yet and the fewest viewers for it, drawing just over 6 million viewers across multiple viewing platforms.

According to Nielsen figures provided to Variety, the Los Angeles debate hosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico and simulcast on CNN drew just over 2 million viewers across PBS stations nationwide, and was seen on CNN by just over 4 million people.

PBS told Variety that the debate live streams across the participating networks’ digital and social platforms totaled more than 8.4 million viewers.

This is even fewer viewers than the fifth debate hosted by MSNBC, which drew just over 6.5 million viewers – which aired the same day as wall-to-wall daytime coverage of Amb. Gordon Sondland’s testimony to Congress in Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

A drop from a high of 33 million American viewers over the two nights of the first Democrat debate to 6.17 million is alarming and should be sending shockwaves throughout the Democrat party.

U.S. News has more in their article, “Americans Have Stopped Watching the Democratic Debates”:

The Democratic presidential primaries may be drawing near, but Americans are increasingly tuning out of the televised debates.

Thus far, six officially sanctioned Democratic debates have taken place over eight nights. The debate season kicked off in the early summer, when the massive field of candidates required two nights of debating to accommodate everyone.

An estimated 33 million Americans were introduced to the Democratic field in Miami over those first two nights. But that was the high point: no debate has reached the viewership of either of those two broadcasts since.

. . . . Since the September debate in Houston, which aired on ABC and Univision, the number of television viewers has fallen steadily. Thursday’s tussle in Los Angeles marked the low point: just 6 million viewers tuned in to the most intimate debate thus far.

Indeed, the contrast is quite stunning and can’t be good news to either the 2020 Democrat candidates themselves or to the DNC.

Nor can it be welcome news to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  She was undoubtedly hoping that her partisan impeachment show would not only get better ratings (and build support) but would eclipse President Trump’s reelection efforts in favor of the Democrat candidates.

The opposite appears to be happening.


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Makes sense. Who really cares which (if any) of these crazy people ends up facing Trump. Even people who are inclined to vote Democrat must feel that either a new candidate who is not one of these seven will be parachuted in, or Trump will trounce whichever of these seven is chosen; either way, there’s no point in watching them.

By now most of the Democrats have already decided on their choice. No real reason to watch anymore.

Every Democrat is for more and more government.

Doesn’t that cinch it for anyone who wants liberty?

The Framers were about freedom. Freedom FROM government.

In 2018 the Democrats were energized. Hopefully the Republicans will be in 2020. The 24-hour news cycle and media bias have soured many (most?) Americans on politics. The fact that today’s CNN appeals to less than 10% of the electorate explains its poor ratings.

Well, there ARE no Democrats left in office.
Just a pack of Socialists.

Fantasy is better achieved in a video game

Keep an eye out for Kamala Harris. You heard it here first.

1/2 the people watching were watching for laughs. I know I was.

The DEM Clown Car these day, is better than SNL ever was.

Give me some Biden gaffes anytime for a chuckle.

These people are so uninspiring it is like a bad horror movie. I get a giggle every time I see a Steyer commercial. He is just so out of touch and laughable. Makes me smile to know he is wasting his money for nothing

The Democrat Presidential race is all about 1)who can offer the largest handouts 2)Who will promise to take away the most of their voters freedoms. Doesn’t exactly send a tingle up the leg.

BiteYourTongue | December 23, 2019 at 8:28 am

How many times do Americans have to hear, they as taxpayers need to pay for someone else to get free higher education, pay medical for illegals. We are suppose to allow anyone who crosses our border to become American citizens. While fighting climate change, with no gas in the car. Then throw in we are all fascist, racist, and what ever ist, ism, phobia, they add to the pile.

How many times, and how many ways, do you need to hear their message of higher taxes and more government. Not exactly compelling.

SOME including myself NEVER tuned in. ALL PURE B.S.