Every once in a while a story catches my eye because it just seems so ludicrous that I have to click over to ensure it’s accurate. This is one of those times.

CNN’s Jeffrey Tobbin, confronted with a CNN poll no less, is in utter denial that the Democrats’ misguided impeachment witch hunt is failing even among Democrat voters. Toobin, upon hearing that there is a double-digit drop in Democrat support for impeachment and removal said he didn’t believe it for “one second.” He declared the poll “wrong” because . . . he “said so.”

NewsBusters reports:

Psych professors: feel free to borrow our clip of Jeffrey Toobin on CNN this morning. It’s a perfect illustration of the Kübler-Ross model’s first stage of grief: denial.

Toobin simply refused to believe the results of CNN’s own poll showing a rather dramatic drop in Democrat support for impeachment: from 90% down to 77%. Note Alisyn Camerota trying to downplay the drop, claiming Democrat support for impeachment had merely softened “a little bit.” Thirteen percent ain’t little, Alisyn! If President Trump’s numbers had declined by the same amount, you’d be clamoring about his “collapse!”

. . . . “I don’t believe that poll for one second, the 90 to 77%. I don’t believe it. It makes no sense that that number would change like that . . . David, that poll is wrong. Just because I said so, okay?”

. . . . The David in question was CNN political director David Chalian, who defended his own poll:

“I don’t know what’s not to believe. You call people on the telephone, you get their information. You pop out a survey. This is what those that we polled told us.”

Couple this CNN poll with the new USA Today poll showing Trump beating all contenders, and Democrats have something to sweat about today. It’s obvious there are Democrats who worry about backlash. Toobin can never believe when Democrats don’t fully back CNN’s agenda.


You can read the full transcript here.

The support for the impeachment and removal of President Trump is still immense among Democrats at 77%, but Toobin, like so many in the leftstream media and among the political elite, simply can’t fathom why the Democrats’ grossly unfair and obviously flawed attempts to impeach Trump are failing to sway public opinion.

Well, I suppose I should qualify that because public opinion is clearly being swayed . . . against impeachment and removal.

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