What does the massive British Conservative Party victory, which will keep Boris Johnson as Prime Minister but this time with a huge mandate to “get Brexit done,” mean for the U.S.?

There are many parallels between what drove the 2019 British election, and those driving the 2020 U.S. presidential election. First among them, is a party (Democrats) whose political agenda has been to repudiate and unwind the 2016 presidential vote, much as the “remainers” (chief among them Labour) sought to repudiate and unwind the 2016 Brexit vote.

Richard Littlejohn in The Daily Mail notes that the British vote was a reaction to the disrespect shown voters:

Without the gridlock over Brexit, caused by Corbyn and Labour, there wouldn’t have been an election. Since it was called, they’ve tried to make it about anything but.

Voters had other ideas, fortunately. They saw through Labour’s Fantasy Island giveaway manifesto, and the lies about selling the NHS to Trump. Getting Brexit Done became an article of faith.

This was as much a vote for the sacred principle of democracy as it was for the Conservatives.

It helps that Corbyn himself was unelectable — although it is frightening to think that millions of people, particularly in London, were prepared to vote for a party led by a Seventies throwback, Marxoid, terrorist-loving, anti-Semite….

The great news is that, yet again, the British people have resoundingly rejected Left-wing extremism. The ruinous notion that the citizens of this ancient democracy are gagging to live in a highly-regulated socialist utopia has been tested to destruction.

Thanks to the Tory landslide, we shall soon be free of the shackles of the sclerotic European superstate….

Democratic Party Corbynism, like British Corbynism, is a toxic mix of extreme left policies, visceral hatred of Israel as a proxy for Jews and the West, and embrace of anti-American foreign tyrants and regimes.

Andrew Sullivan describes well the American Corbynism and its likely doom for Democrats:

How much can be blamed on Corbyn? A lot, but what kind of politics does Corbyn represent? He was endorsed by AOC, love-bombed by Left Twitter, and favors proposals like borrowing massively to finance a Green New Deal that is as much about socialism as environmentalism. He’s deeply hostile to the Jewish state, wants to abolish NATO, declared he would never use a nuclear weapon, larked around the Soviet bloc for decades, and admired the regime in Venezuela. Hmm. Remind you of anyone?….

A push left is essential. But a huge and unaffordable shift left? The British working classes said no. The same, I suspect, will happen here. If the Democrats go with Sanders or Warren’s Medicare for All, the Democrats could be obliterated. If the Democratic candidate cannot persuade people he or she wants to halt mass illegal immigration, ditto.

On both sides of the pond, there also is a recognition that more is at stake, as Melanie Phillips, in a wonderful column, describes:

The stakes in this election were enormous, not just for Britain but for the world. Labour is led by the most far-left leadership in its history, supporting terrorists abroad and incubating virulent antisemitism at home. If elected it would have wrecked Britain’s economy, attacked the State of Israel and posed a mortal threat to the security of Britain, its Jewish community and the west.

It was defeated by a seismic shift which may just have redrawn the British political landscape for ever….

Why? Because the British working-class is deeply, passionately patriotic and attached to democracy. They are the very best of Britain. Time and again they have saved the country in its wars against tyranny by putting their lives on the line to defend what it stands for: their historic culture, institutions and values.

Sound familiar?

Here, American Corbynism is embodied not just in Bernie Sanders and the Squad, but in the broader “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party driven by the same anti-Western, anti-Capitalist, anti-Zionist dead end ideologies and obsessions which turned British Labour into at toxic waste dump.

Democrats allow American Corbynists into their mainstream at their electoral peril.


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