I’m really not thrilled with the Featured Image. I look McSmirky.

But it’s the only close up of me at the podium I have from my lecture last night at the invitation of the Sharon (MA) Republican Town Committee.

The topic was “The War on Conservative Speech – From Campus to Culture.”

As Sharon GOP’s tweet indicated, it was a full room.


How big was the room?

Remember Trump’s most recent rally in Hershey, PA?


But it wasn’t that big. Bigger than a breadbox, but something less than the Hershey Giant Center. Regardless of size, the deplorables seemed to enjoy it.

Legal Insurrection readers were well-represented, and it was great to meet many of them.



As for the speech itself, I have an audio recording, but its not great quality.

Substantively, it was similar to my speech at the Kingwood (TX) Tea Party (video here).

A special shout-out to the two Sharon GOP members who invited me, Sue Price and Linda Kaufman.

Courtesy Sharon GOP with permission

[Sue Price, Linda Kaufman, William Jacobson]

All in all, I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all.


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