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While you were watching Gordon Sondland, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit

While you were watching Gordon Sondland, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit

Trump continues to transform the federal judiciary for generations to come as Democrat impeachment efforts remain bogged down in faulty memories, rank speculation, and inadmissible opinion.

“While you were focused on ….” Trump continued to remake the federal judiciary, is now something of a series here:

In today’s news from the battlefield, Trump just captured the 11th Circuit:

Even as the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday heard crucial testimony from pivotal witness Gordon Sondland, the Senate voted to confirm Trump’s latest appointee to the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a regional appeals court handling cases from Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

The action represented a new milestone in Trump’s dramatic reshaping of the federal judiciary, with Republican-appointed judges now in the majority in the 11th Circuit, whose majority before Trump took office in January 2017 had been Democratic appointees. Republican-appointed justices tend to be conservative, while Democratic-named judges tend to be liberal.

This marks the third time that Trump has been able to engineer the ideological “flip” of one of the nation’s 13 federal appeals courts, which exert considerable power one level below the U.S. Supreme Court. The other two to “flip” were the Manhattan-based 2nd Circuit and the Philadelphia-based 3th Circuit, both of which also had Democratic-appointed majorities when Trump became president.

Reuters prepared this handy graphic:

Meanwhile, Democrats are mired in the Ukrainian countryside, bogged down in faulty memories, rank speculation, inadmissible opinion ….

… and bad manners.


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I question your numbers.
13 Total judgeships
6 Democratic appointees
5 Republican appointees
2 Vacancies
To “Flip” Circuit: Need to fill two current vacancies with Rep. nominees; and replace 1 Dem. appointee with Rep. appointee
14 Total judgeships
6 Democratic appointees
8 Republican appointees (2 recent Trump appointees)
0 Vacancies
To “Flip” Circuit: Need to confirm 1 Rep. nominee; solidify circuit by filling both vacancies with 2 Rep. nominees
16 Total judgeships
8 Democratic appointees.
7 Republican appointees (2 recent Trump appointees).
1 Known future vacancy (Rep. appointee taking senior status).
To “Flip” Circuit: 1 Dem. appointee must retire and replace them with a Rep. nominee.
29 Total judgeships
16 Democratic appointees.
7 Republican appointees (2 recent Trump appointees).
6 Vacancies.
To “Flip” Circuit: Confirm 6 Rep. nominees to fill current vacancies; 2 Dem. appointees must retire and replace them with Rep. nominees.
12 Total judgeships
6 Democratic appointees.
6 Republican appointees (3 recent Trump appointees)
No Vacancies
To “Flip” Circuit: 1 Dem. appointee must retire and replace them with a Rep. nominee.
As of 7/23/19 Trump has 2 Scotus, 43 appeals, 85 district/specialty

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to 2smartforlibs. | November 20, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    How many circuits has Good President Trump flipped now?

    On a side note – although I think it was unconscious – President Trump is using the hand symbol that is the British equal of “FLIPPING” someone. Although I think the Brits explain the symbol as “up yours.” If the hand had been palm out with the two fingers, then that would be the traditional victory sign. Sorry if this is too much information for some!

    Close The Fed in reply to 2smartforlibs. | November 20, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Your math on your first example looks wrong.

    6 dems
    5 gop
    2 vacant.

    Means you fill the two vacant with gop so you have 7 gop, 6 dems.

“Democrats are mired in the Ukrainian countryside.”

The Stefanik Salient.

The problem with this is that while Democratic appointees always vote solidly, practically 100% liberal, Republican ones often slide over to the other side. Need I mention Justice Suter, Justice Roberts, et al?

The stupid, do-nothing GOP establishment could have split the 9th Circuit when they had the chance.

When Stefanik moves to checkmate:

Yovanovitch looks to Schiff @ 4:05

Sondland takes a sip of water then looks to Schiff @ 2:58

Have you heard the good news? Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Trump won.

He continues to win.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Andy. | November 20, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    More good news when it comes to the Clinton Mafia!!!!!!!

    Clinton Foundation Files $16.8 Million Loss

    “Hillary Clinton’s name is pure poison and no one in their right mind wants anything to do with her.

    This is evidenced nowhere more in the fact that the Clinton Foundation has gone from turning over a revenue of almost $400 million in 2013, to actually LOSING almost $33 million since Donald Trump wiped the floor with Hillary in 2016.

    Newly released tax records show that the foundation reported a loss of almost $17 million in 2018, to add to the net loss of $16.1 million the previous year in 2017.

    The numbers don’t lie.

    Total revenue reported for 2018 was just $30.7 million, less than a tenth of what was being pulled in While Hillary was Secretary of State….”

The problem here is that the critical Circuit, right now, is the DC Circuit, because that is where all the impeachment action is right now. The House Dems are going for three things right now, that will all impact Trump and his re-election: access to his tax returns; access to the Mueller grand jury testimony; and overriding Trump’s claim of Executive Privilege (which is being used right now to prevent the House from accessing the rest of the Mueller information/evidence). Each is the subject of a lawsuit by the House against the President, and the Dems are winning so far, 2-0, at the District Court level. With a Dem majority in the DC Circuit, we can probably expect those losses be affirmed at the appeals court level.

Note that it was fairly well known at the time that the Obama Administration was intentionally packing this Circuit, at both the district and appeals court level. Adding to their advantage here, this is one of the two circuits (the other being the Federal Circuit) whose constituency was not affected by the Senate practice of Blue Slips, since DC doesn’t have any Senators (and a good reason to keep that from happening). This means that the Obama Administration could pack the Circuit with highly partisan advocates, which very much appears to be what happened.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to Bruce Hayden. | November 20, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Let me add that the reason that the House Democrats want to get access to the mountain of information and evidence that the Mueller investigation had is that it not only contains the millions of pages of documents provided by the WH, in order to keep Trump from having to testify in their hoped for perjury trap,Nash well as hundreds of interviews, phone, and credit card requests, but also the results of the at four FISA wiretap warrants on at least Carter Page (and probably others) (and indeed, the 3rd FISA warrant extension was solely for their benefit, since Crossfire Hurricane had been shut down by then). And notably, the FBI was able to wiretap based on a two hop rule, run forwards and back in time. This means that the FBI was very likely wiretapping much of the Trump campaign, transition, and even some WH conversations. Maybe worse, it is likely that they also had at least some of the fruits of the illegal FISA 702 NSA database searching that Adm Rogers detected as NSA Director and shut down in the spring of 2016.

    The importance of the grand jury testimony is that the Mueller prosecutors apparently ran an awful lot of the testimony that they wanted to pass on to the House Democrats through a grand jury, just in case the latter couldn’t pierce Trump’s Executive Privilege with their impeachment scam.

      Right now, every small town/ city on the left coast is being held hostage by heroin addicts because the 9th circuit said we can’t criminalize living on public sidewalks.

      Every one of these judicial seats is important.

Well, the other consideration is:

Most appellate courts, including federal, decided cases by “panels.” A panel is typically 3 judges. If you have 2 dems on 3 judge panel, then you still have dems deciding appellate cases. And most never go to SCOTUS. And most are never heard by the all of the appellate judges in a circuit, known as an “en banc” decision.

Let’s give POTUS another four years to work his magic, slowly undoing decades of damage inflicted upon the courts and American society by self-aggrandizing, partisan narcissists, committed to advancing the Dhimmi-crat agenda, while pretending to be neutral and dispassionate “judges.” The concepts of judicial modesty and restraint are totally alien to these committed activist-wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

Another four years will hopefully give POTUS a chance to replace the utterly vile Justice Ginsburg, who egotistically revels in her “celebrity” status as a revered Dhimmi-crat partisan-activist, and, who clearly believes that it is appropriate for her to embrace such a role, as a judge.

Rather have a dozen simultaneous root canals.

BiteYourTongue | November 21, 2019 at 8:57 am

Next Stop, the 9th Circuit, it’s in desperate need of total overhaul.