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Left Wing Student Protesters Block Entry to Ann Coulter Speech at UC Berkeley

Left Wing Student Protesters Block Entry to Ann Coulter Speech at UC Berkeley

“Campus police said on Twitter that ‘multiple’ mask-wearing protesters were arrested.”

In the spring of 2017, Young America’s Foundation invited Ann Coulter to speak at UC-Berkeley, but the event never happened over safety concerns.

This week, she returned at the invitation of the College Republicans.

Left-wing students protested and even blocked entrance to the venue to prevent people from attending. Coulter ultimately gave her speech, despite the chaos.

Brie Stimson reports at FOX News:

Ann Coulter event at UC Berkeley draws masked protesters; multiple arrests reported

An appearance by conservative writer Ann Coulter at the University of California at Berkeley drew a crowd of protesters Wednesday night, in the latest episode of “cancel culture” on the nation’s college campuses.

Campus police said on Twitter that “multiple” mask-wearing protesters were arrested.

Covering faces is a violation of campus protest policy, the Bay Area’s FOX 2 reported. The station said as many as seven people were arrested.

Video posted online showed Coulter being quickly escorted past protesters into the building where the event, titled “Adios, America,” was held. It was hosted by the Berkeley campus’ College Republicans.

In this video, you can see Ann Coulter arriving at the building with a security escort as an unhinged mob chants “F**k Ann Coulter!”

In this video, you can see protesters have locked arms to block people who are trying to attend the event.

Mike Brest of the Washington Examiner has more:

‘Don’t let them in’: Berkeley students arrested while protesting Ann Coulter on campus

Coulter, 57, was invited to speak on campus by the Berkeley College Republicans for a talk called, “Adios, America!,” which was described as an event where she will be “speaking about the current United States immigration system and the dangers of mass immigration,” according to SFGate.

Hundreds of protesters circled the building the event was held in. Barricades were erected in front of the building, and police officers in riot gear were around the building all night. The words, “Berkeley stands united against hate,” and, “Why do the Berkeley College Republicans keep inviting Nazis on campus?” were projected onto the building.

Finally, here’s a video report from KPIX News:

Can you imagine devoting so much of your time and energy to preventing another person from speaking and others from hearing her? Do these students have any idea how this looks to the rest of the country?

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Back in the USSR! Such fear these students are being taught.

Always nice to see the open-minded BIGOTS. I get sick of being marginalized by half-wits.

The left hates all hate…except their own.

Do these students ever ask themselves why they are so afraid of speech? Why they are so intolerant of any expression of a point of view that differs from their own?

They seem to be completely incapable of any kind of critical thought. That should concern them, their parents, and their so-called teachers, who don’t appear to be teaching these students anything other than how to parrot leftist memes and act like vicious thugs to anyone who doesn’t do the same.

They are Adam Schiff’s in training !

Arrest them.

Unfortunately, this represents America’s next generation …. without rectitude, the country as we know it is toast.

Do we have a video of the actual speech? All I can find online is unhinged Leftists waving profane signs.

Let’s not ignore the fact that Coulter is now a NeverTrumper. Let her fight her own battles until she figures out whose side she is on. And not just for one day.

    It’s the principle of the thing. We don’t deny civil rights. Also, lessons hard learned, to be proactive, in order to mitigate its progress.

This BS has to end. Unmask, arrest and incarcerate. And announce this policy in advance of events.

“Do these students have any idea how this looks to the rest of the country?”

No, because they’re progs and idiots. But I repeat myself.

Just wait till they actually have to work

I find it interesting that in the state of California it is a violation of the law to block access to an abortion clinic, but there is no law against blocking access to anywhere else. So these thugs can prevent anyone they don’t like from holding a meeting or other public event, and the police can do nothing.
So progressive!