You rarely, if ever, hear about conservative students carrying out this kind of behavior.

KRON News reports:

UC Berkeley Republicans say fliers promoting Ann Coulter visit to campus torn down

A member of the Berkeley College Republicans at UC Berkeley confronted a woman ripping fliers down promoting conservative speaker and author Ann Coulter’s campus visit next Wednesday.

“Why are you ripping down our fliers? You can disagree with her if you attend the event — you’re welcome,” the student said.

College Republicans Spokesperson Rudra Reddy says the student activities and notices boards are public and although fliers for events denouncing the trump administration stay up, it seems anything conservative comes down.

“One hour after all we’ve put up all our fliers, they’re immediately covered up or taken off, and there’s virtually no consequences for the people who do that,” Reddy said.

Reddy said even members of student leaders have denounced Coulter’s visit.

“We’ve had a number of our student government senators, like, denounce her openly, and denounce the college republicans for inviting her. So that hasn’t been helpful,” Reddy said.


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