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Poll Finds College Students Now Favor Elizabeth Warren Over Bernie Sanders

Poll Finds College Students Now Favor Elizabeth Warren Over Bernie Sanders

“32 percent chose Warren and 27 percent selected Sanders”

This isn’t very surprising when you think about it. Warren is rising in other polls and Bernie just had a heart attack.

Newsweek reports:

College Students Favor Elizabeth Warren Over Bernie Sanders for the First Time in 7 Months

After trailing narrowly behind Senator Bernie Sanders for seven months, Senator Elizabeth Warren has become college students’ number one choice for president, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

College Pulse, a data and survey analytics company, and Chegg, an education technology company, launched an “Election Tracker” in March. Since its launch, they’ve asked college students on a weekly basis to select the candidate they’d most like to see as the Democratic nominee for president.

Sanders was college students’ top pick since polls were first released on March 26, but he fell to second place on Tuesday, being replaced by Warren as students’ first choice. Of the 1,500 students that were polled, 32 percent chose Warren and 27 percent selected Sanders.

When College Pulse and Chegg first surveyed college students for the Election Tracker, Warren only had five percent support. It wasn’t until the July 2 poll that she started to join Sanders in breaking away from the rest of the pack, which coincided with the same time former Vice President Joe Biden saw a sharp decline in college-aged voter support.

The poll didn’t ask students to elaborate on why they selected the candidate they did, but both Sanders and Warren have made issues that are important to college voters central to their campaigns. For starters, both Senators have plans to reduce student debt and the cost of higher education. They vocalized their plans early and continue to do so often.


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It takes them awhile to bother to read up on their so-called heroes.

Bernie was their star…then they finally got around to snap chatting about his hypocrisy.

Now, Warren is their star…because they can’t be bothered right now with reading up on her many deceits and hypocritical gaffes.

This generation seems to have some conservative backbone in it. They can smell bullsh*t and know that there’s no free lunch. I think Trump will get a significant vote among college students, even as the profs are 95% for the Dems.

At Purdue the students want Chik-Fil-A in their dorm. The university president agreed and the deal is signed. Well the University Senate (faculty) formally, twice, has objected to that vendor being in a student dorm, where they’ll never see it. The faculty members are such snowflakes they just don’t want the students to have it. But the students specifically want it.