We have witnessed a lot of wailing and hand-wringing from #NeverTrumpers about the death of conservatism in the “age” of Trump.  Never mind that eight years is hardly an “age,” and that’s the maximum Trump can spend as president.

You’d never know it from the “conservatives” who claim some higher set of principles . . . principles it seems that makes someone with all of Trump’s personality flaws and none of his essential attributes (or even a socialist) a more attractive president than Orange Man Bad.

If anything can kill a conservative movement, it’s a bunch of “conservatives” standing as a bulwark in daily support of socialists and communists.  And if anything can push forward a conservative movement, it’s actual conservatives.

Enter Mark Robinson, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in North Carolina.  Robinson became a national sensation when he stood before the Greensboro city council and mounted a passionate defense of the Second Amendment.


In July, I blogged that Robinson was running for Lt. Gov. in his home state and that his campaign’s focus was on “patriots, not politicians.”

Since that time, Robinson has been tweeting about numerous issues and getting a good response in terms of relative shares and likes.  Here’s a sampling:

On September 14, 2019, the Robinson campaign is hosting a statewide grassroots launch.

Robinson has recently garnered a lot of grassroots attention; this is somewhat surprising given how little media attention this race has received so far. This appears to be actual grassroots support of the sort the Tea Party enjoyed and not the manufactured “grassroots” astroturfing that marks the majority of leftist movements.

Robinson has apparently noted the surge of grassroots support. He posted a video in which he states that he sees his campaign not just as a campaign but as a conservative movement rooted in (actual) conservative principles.


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