Back in April, 2018, I wrote a post about a North Carolina resident who lit up the internet with his passionate defense of the Second Amendment at a Greensboro city council meeting.  Mark Robinson gave an amazing, impromptu speech in response to the city’s push to cancel a gun show.

He didn’t intend to speak, but he was so inflamed by the anti-gun leftist rhetoric that he felt compelled to step forward.  The result was mesmerizing in its comprehensive response to every leftist argument for “gun control.”


A reader wrote in to let us know that Robinson (R) is running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, and I thought it news well worth sharing with our readers.

The Richmond Observer reports:

Tuesday, Mark Robinson, a native of Greensboro, announced his candidacy for the office of Lt. Governor of North Carolina, in a bid to become the first black lieutenant governor in the state’s history.

Robinson is best known for his viral speech at the Greensboro City Council where he spoke out against a council that was attempting to stop a gun show.  (See video at bottom of the post.)

He announced his candidacy in front of the City Hall building in Greensboro where he gave that viral speech, and was joined by his wife, two kids, and over 80 supporters.

In his announcement speech, he told his life story: How he grew up in Greensboro surrounded by poverty as the ninth of 10 children with an abusive alcoholic father. He talked about spending time in foster care before returning to live with his parents, and how his mother — a woman of faith — encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Robinson’s campaign website includes his campaign slogan: “Patriots, not Politicians,” and that is definitely the theme of his announcement.

Here’s his announcement video (via Twitter):

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