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It’s never over, is it?

It’s never over, is it?

The permanent investigation and torment of Brett Kavanaugh follows a well-worn Democrat path.

Donald Trump was elected president. But it wasn’t over.

There immediately launched an attempt to pressure Electors to change their votes, then an FBI-Democrat collusive attempt to undermine the presidency before it began, and a slow-motion coup to prevent the administration from governing. It’s still not over, as Democrats hurl themselves towards the cliff of impeachment.

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court after a brutal smear campaign which saw accusation after accusation fall apart when subjected to scrutiny. But it wasn’t over.

After confirmation, but before the midterms, Dianne Feinstein promised to reopen the investigation of Kavanaugh if Democrats retook the Senate (they didn’t). Soon after the 2018 midterms after Democrats gained control of the House, incoming House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler signaled an intention to impeach Kavanaugh.

There have been organized attempts by Democratic operatives to get him fired from a law teaching position, and by Democrats in Congress to dig up old National Archive records in an attempt to create a public relations campaign to get him to recuse from future abortion decisions.

Today’s NY Times hit piece, which left out key details about a new accusation and the old discredited Ramirez accusation casting doubt on the reporting, has ignited calls from several leading Democrat presidential candidates and the social media mob to impeach Kavanaugh.

It’s never over.

It wasn’t and isn’t over for Clarence Thomas, who continues to be maligned some 27 years later. The permanent investigation and torment of Brett Kavanaugh follows a well-worn Democrat path.

That’s why Kavanaugh has been and continues to be such a clarifying event.

Trump supporters are going to support Trump. The continued attacks on Kavanaugh serve as a motivator, as Rita Panahi expressed:

Nothing has galvanised conservatives more than watching an innocent man being smeared by false accusations. Astonishing that the Left still hasn’t worked out that Kavanaugh in the news cycle is hugely beneficial to Trump.

There are many others who may not be Trump supporters, but are willing to support Trump. John Ekdahl, who isn’t a Trump supporter and voted for Gary Johnson in 2016, expressed a sentiment I suspect is widely shared:

The Kavanaugh railroad is the most politically clarifying event in my life, and it is why, as the New York Times seems intent on reminding us, I will crawl over broken glass to vote for a guy I don’t particularly like next year.


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I strongly suspect that this is related to Ginsberg, and the #FakeNews media and #Resist Democrats are trying to scare conservative judges away from agreeing to be a Trump nominee…which he is likely to name sooner rather than later.

The left has yet to absorb the fact that the right has changed. We’re no longer going to give the left the benefit of the doubt that we’re just arguing over details and that both sides have the good of the nation at heart.

They don’t. They have made it clear for years but the political right refused to accept or acknowledge it. Because it was easier and less trouble to do anything about it. Plus the base was willing to ignore it also.

The 8 years of Obama was eye opening and once we had our chance to scuttle the Democrats plans, we took it are going to try and keep them from any power. 2018 happened because we were sabotaged from within by rinos quitting late in the election so that it was difficult to field someone to take their place while the Dems were all set with their best and organized and with blood in their eye over Trump.

That’s not going to happen again either. There’s no or few rino’s left to bail on us at the last minute. Some have done so in Texas and that’s going to make things tricky but for the most part we should be able to take the House back especially after what they did as soon as they had power; try to derail the nation’s economy and create confusion.

We’re going to fight back for the first time in years and the Dems won’t know what to do as they’re used to us giving in and the Media covering for them.

We don’t pay attention to the media anymore.

We will have to watch FB as they’ve already given us a precursor for 2020 by cutting Bibi off just before his election. We better have the means to bypass that crap by the time of the election or we’re sunk.

For now we’re waiting to see if Trump will make his first and last mistake and think he should give in to the left on Gun Control. If he does He’s out as we won’t show up at the polls or vote for some independent and Warren will get elected and the country will be thrown into chaos as they try to enforce Gun Control and throw Trump and his family in jail on charges. At the same time the Dow will tank as they will be dismantling the economy as fast as she can write the EO’s.

The decisions made this week will affect the future of the Nation.

    tom_swift in reply to jakee308. | September 16, 2019 at 1:02 am

    We’re no longer going to give the left the benefit of the doubt that we’re just arguing over details and that both sides have the good of the nation at heart.

    But we’ve known that about the Democrats since 1861. Yet they’re still here and still getting away with it.

    Andy_in_Colorado in reply to jakee308. | September 16, 2019 at 10:17 am

    I agree with most of what you say, but I think the biggest reason 2018 happened the way it did was because of Mueller holding the investigation open, even though he knew long before then there was nothing. But he still “did his part for the team”, and it worked.

    Lester in reply to jakee308. | September 17, 2019 at 8:22 am

    in many ways you can see shades of Iran in what the democrat party does. same MO.

I’ll take this as a sign that Ginsberg’s pathology report did not contain good news.

Somebody needs to be made an example of, and the NYT is ripe for the picking.

    texasron in reply to snowshooze. | September 16, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Kavanaugh needs to sue the NYT, for all they have. It’s time that they be held accountable for their actions.

      Milhouse in reply to texasron. | September 16, 2019 at 4:32 pm

      Sue? On what grounds? They reported what a book says; the book does indeed say it, so there is no defamation.

      The book publisher can also not be sued, because the book merely reports what various people told the authors, and what they were able to find out. It doesn’t make any factual claims that can be proven false. (And remember, the onus is on the plaintiff to prove a claim false, not on the defendant to prove it true. Only if it’s proven false do the defendants have to show that they had some kind of reason, however slight, to suppose it might be true.)

        Libel in the case of the NYT.

        The reporters of the NYT hit piece, Robin Pogrebin & Kate Kelly, are also the authors of the book, so they aren’t merely “report[ing] what a book says.” The authors on MSNBC said that the exculpatory information was in the original draft of the article, but was removed during editing. This means the editors at the NYT knew but went ahead, removed it, and published anyway, which goes to malice IF TRUE (famous last words).

        Not saying that this is a particularly strong argument, but the NYT is not on solid footing here.

          Milhouse in reply to bhwms. | September 17, 2019 at 5:15 pm

          Selective reporting is not libel. That they deliberately omitted a relevant fact doesn’t matter; the only question that matters is whether they published a factual statement that was false, and that they knew to be false, and the answer is that they didn’t. They published that Stier is making this claim, and he is. The incident may or may not have happened; nobody can prove it didn’t. And it’s not even necessarily defamatory, since it doesn’t say Kavanaugh did anything wrong. If they were prosecutors caught omitting relevant exculpatory evidence from discovery they’d be sanctioned; but they’re not. The only thing they’re guilty of is shoddy journalism, but we already knew that.

        Earnie89 in reply to Milhouse. | September 18, 2019 at 12:45 pm

        You are quite obviously not an attorney (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

It continues because “we” let them get away with it. We are nice to the progs and pretend they are nice people.

When everyone wakes up and starts punching back we *might* have a chance of preserving freedom and liberty.

So far I see little hope of that occurring.

    Exactly! It’s time to go on offense and play a better defense. Heck, play any defense. The right has allowed the left/media run over them for decades now.
    Trump has demonstrated one can hit back. Thankfully, a few others are picking up that it can be done. Or else.

Will this latest New York Times book be found in the fiction or non fiction section?

This may be related to RGB. It also may be related to concocting a baseless impeachment of Kavanaugh for grounds to demand his recusal during the upcoming term while awaiting “trial” in the Senate.

And it’s also all about ginning up the womens’s rights abortion rights electoral base.

Which brings me to something with regard to the election politics.

Abortion is a wedge issue. Emotion based. On either side are extremes who rally their groups around them with slippery slope arguments. Granted, conservatives who are against abortion from the moment of conception are sincere. But they must must recognize that all of the post-abortion crap was deliberately injected for the purpose of poking the bear, making abortion the issue of most importance.

Abortion wasn’t immediately in the fore upon Trump’s election (many who voted for him saw priority issues, and no immediate threat to early stage abortion rights, and so voted for him anyway.)

The progs determined to change this. That is why, suddenly, we saw blue state after state passing extremist abortion “rights” laws. And the conservatives went for the bait.

Now the Dems have their “eeeeek, they’re going to put women back into second-class status and end all abortion!” and “this issue must take priority over everything, even if you think the rest of the Dem platform is crackpot.”

There is something to be said for timing, as well as stealth preparation, and choosing the time — whether that involves going into a war unprepared, or making a political issue the priority if doing so ultimately will be in vain or would also sacrifice more that could have been gained in the long run had one just had a little patience.

    tom_swift in reply to janitor. | September 16, 2019 at 8:24 am

    Yes, when your most prominent weapon is your Achilles’ heel—abortion policy for the right, gun control mania for the left—it becomes a race to see who can lose first.

The only way to fight back is to fight fire with fire: target every democrat in Congress, and every liberal judge in kind with the Trump/Kavanaugh treatment.

Only then will it cease.

The SCOTUS itself, along with the Federal Courts, have allowed this to happen. They ponder and sit, while cabals and Federal agencies plot to destroy democracy and impose rule by agencies at all levels.

The Kavanaugh railroad is the most politically clarifying event in my life, and it is why, as the New York Times seems intent on reminding us, I will crawl over broken glass to vote for a guy I don’t particularly like next year.

Sounds about right.

I find it amazing how the Democrats are demanding various conservatives be impeached for their behavior that occurred decades ago – even as far back as when they were in high school. Getting drunk at parties, womanizing, etc., which were all legal and common at the time are now viewed as heinous activities that should render any and every conservative unfit for office. Worse still is that it does not matter to Democrats if there is no evidence or even if others who were allegedly involved or even the victim denied the events ever happened. Conservatives are still guilty in the mind of Democrats and must step down.
On the other side of the coin we have Elizabeth Warren who used the false claim of being an American Indian to gain advantage in obtaining a job at Harvard and who knows what else. Clearly this was fraud and it has been the subject of much publicity and yet this is not the least by disqualifying to Democrats. Bill Clinton had far more than his measure of scandal, Obama confessed to smoking dope (among other things), Cory Booker has an invisible friend and lied about running into a house that was on fire to save the occupants, Beto O’Rourke fled the scene of an accident while drunk driving and committed burglary in college, and so forth, and yet Democrats find nothing wrong with the past behavior of these candidates.
It’s been said many times before that if is wasn’t for a double standard the Democrats would have no standards at all. This appears more relevant today than anytime ever before.

    artichoke in reply to Cleetus. | September 16, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    It’s all the Dems have, so they just use whatever-it-is or make something up that’s so long ago it’s very hard to disprove.

    By some miracle Kavanaugh had kept meticulous notes in his calendar and could disprove a lot of what Blasey-Ford said. Totally unexpected. Who would expect to run into that? And otherwise the charges would be somewhat unrefuted, she’d be on a book tour, and he’d be disgraced and maybe under pressure to leave the appeals court.

    Why don’t the Republicans do the same thing? We need to learn the weapons and use them. Make them play by their own rules.

They are driving their own constituents nuts.

Far Left Cancel Culture Has Created An Army Of Secret Trump Supporters

To save time and lessen confusion Democrat’s should list Republican elected officials and judges who they WON’T vote to impeach.

The big question is can Ginsberg make it to 2020? Election Year appointments are suppose to wait until after the election.

    tom_swift in reply to MarkSmith. | September 16, 2019 at 8:32 am

    Election Year appointments are suppose to wait until after the election.

    Not really. Many appointments are made with the “advice and consent” of the Senate, but there’s no required schedule for either. If the Senate is in no rush to fill an office, it can take all the time it wants to do it.

    The D’rats are trying to push this “rule”, based on the Senate blowing off a late appointment by a lame-duck President. Their reasoning is faulty and the legal grounds are nonexistent.

    Milhouse in reply to MarkSmith. | September 16, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Election Year appointments are suppose to wait until after the election.

    No, they’re not. There is no such rule or convention. If the senate majority supports a nomination there’s no reason they would not advance it in a presidential election year, and McConnell has explicitly said that if the situation arises he will not hesitate.

    Dems are trying to spin the position McConnell took in 2016, when the senate majority didn’t support Merrick Garland’s nomination, and didn’t want to advance it. At that time McConnell pointed out that there was no rule, convention, or tradition that the majority had to do so; he never said there was one that it couldn’t.

    Earnie89 in reply to MarkSmith. | September 18, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    That second statement has precisely zero grounding in reality.

The Conservative Treehouse thinks that this is motivated by the docket of the next Supreme Court session, which includes guns, the Census citizenship question, and DACA. I suspect that it’s also due to RGB’s health.

Smells like desperation and fear to me.

Just remember, the leftists truly hate you and they’ve lost their minds. Plan accordingly.

The dems are claiming the FBI was railroaded into a fake investigation.

Yet the FBI investigated this guys claim and found it totally non credible. How much time should the FBI spend investigating something that didnt happen?

    “How much time should the FBI spend investigating something that didnt happen?”

    In progland, indefinitely, until the prog needs are met.

Since we are supposed to Believe All Women, I’ll believe the supposed victim who says this never happened. Any views to the contrary are obvious hetero-normative patriarchal men trying to force their views on innocent people, and should be shunned.

Shunned, I say!

Yes, it’s never over until they win, but that’s only the first part of the program. The second is that once they do win, the issue may never again be revisited.

Imagine, for example, “Remain” winning a second Brexit vote. You would then hear a lot of triumphal gloating about how “the people have spoken”. Fuck them.

It’s a game and one the media plays well. Create controversy after controversy. Most people will never notice retractions and amended stories, especially when they let days go by. A year or two from now when some really controversial decision comes out of the Court, people will do a search and find bad thing after bad thing about him. And the Dems and their media will cry it is an invalid decision because he shouldn’t even be there! Robbed again by those evil and conniving Republicans!!! Heck, I can’t wait to see his Wikipedia page in about a year. He’ll look like Hitler LOL.

The problem is that it worked with Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate special election. Some horrible accusations which are unprovable from 30-40 years earlier.

Because it worked (instead of elect him and then let the Senate do a real investigation), we got the Kavanaugh calumny, and it will continue.

Especially now that Epstein is dead and can’t #MeToo any democrats.

The next Supreme Court session begins on Oct. 7. We’ll see how well she’s doing then.

    tom_swift in reply to luagha. | September 16, 2019 at 10:53 am

    We won’t see, if certain people have anything to say about it. They’ll try to do what they did after Woodrow Wilson became essentially incapacitated by a stroke—they’ll pretend it never happened.

    It will probably be harder getting the SCOTUS of today to play along than it was the White House staff of 1919, but I expect they’ll try. And the press will assist. Of course.

Progressive liberalism is an ideology characterized by unrelenting, monotonic divergence.

Breathtaking obscenities coming from the Radical Far Left are nothing new, but this witch hunt, this harassment of Justice Kavanaugh is the lowest. This really isn’t about him, though, it’s the hysteria and fear that Trump will have another SCOTUS pick, once RBG bites the dust (hopefully soon.) Lefties are the true enemies of America, they will say or do anything to divide our country. They are hate-mongers, liars, dangerous and violent. DemocRats = Death.