Donald Trump was elected president. But it wasn’t over.

There immediately launched an attempt to pressure Electors to change their votes, then an FBI-Democrat collusive attempt to undermine the presidency before it began, and a slow-motion coup to prevent the administration from governing. It’s still not over, as Democrats hurl themselves towards the cliff of impeachment.

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court after a brutal smear campaign which saw accusation after accusation fall apart when subjected to scrutiny. But it wasn’t over.

After confirmation, but before the midterms, Dianne Feinstein promised to reopen the investigation of Kavanaugh if Democrats retook the Senate (they didn’t). Soon after the 2018 midterms after Democrats gained control of the House, incoming House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler signaled an intention to impeach Kavanaugh.

There have been organized attempts by Democratic operatives to get him fired from a law teaching position, and by Democrats in Congress to dig up old National Archive records in an attempt to create a public relations campaign to get him to recuse from future abortion decisions.

Today’s NY Times hit piece, which left out key details about a new accusation and the old discredited Ramirez accusation casting doubt on the reporting, has ignited calls from several leading Democrat presidential candidates and the social media mob to impeach Kavanaugh.

It’s never over.

It wasn’t and isn’t over for Clarence Thomas, who continues to be maligned some 27 years later. The permanent investigation and torment of Brett Kavanaugh follows a well-worn Democrat path.

That’s why Kavanaugh has been and continues to be such a clarifying event.

Trump supporters are going to support Trump. The continued attacks on Kavanaugh serve as a motivator, as Rita Panahi expressed:

Nothing has galvanised conservatives more than watching an innocent man being smeared by false accusations. Astonishing that the Left still hasn’t worked out that Kavanaugh in the news cycle is hugely beneficial to Trump.

There are many others who may not be Trump supporters, but are willing to support Trump. John Ekdahl, who isn’t a Trump supporter and voted for Gary Johnson in 2016, expressed a sentiment I suspect is widely shared:

The Kavanaugh railroad is the most politically clarifying event in my life, and it is why, as the New York Times seems intent on reminding us, I will crawl over broken glass to vote for a guy I don’t particularly like next year.


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