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Democrats Invite Teen Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg to Testify Before Congress

Democrats Invite Teen Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg to Testify Before Congress

Select Climate Crisis Committee Chair: “They know the science.”

When the 115th session of the US Congress finishes, I would be hard-pressed to pick the most insane stunt organized by our illustrious representatives.

I’m tempted to pick Impeachment Theater as the most senseless move.

But I pick the decision to put a teenaged foreigner before Congress as an expert on climate science, setting policy that would dramatically impact our economy and national safety.

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg, 16, is testifying before Congress next week at the invitation of House Democrats.

Thunberg will appear Sept. 18 before a joint hearing of a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee and the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

She is among a group of young climate activists Democrats invited to testify at the hearing, entitled “Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis.”

Thunberg is best known for founding an international movement called Fridays for Future, in which students skip school on Fridays to participate in demonstrations demanding action to combat climate change.

…“We’re at the point where an entire generation has grown up in the climate crisis,” said Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida, chairwoman of the Select Climate Crisis Committee. “They know the science, they know the stakes and they know how to rise to the challenge. We need to rise with them.”

Three American teens will also make an appearance.

… 17-year-old Jamie Margolin, co-founder of a youth climate organization called This is Zero Hour; 20-year-old Vic Barrett, a fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education; and 21-year-old Benji Backer, president of the American Conservation Coalition, a nonprofit that aims to engage conservatives on the climate issue.

“Young voices, regardless of political ideology, have made fighting climate change a priority across the world,” Backer said in a statement, voicing the hope that the hearing would provide “the opportunity to share free-market policies to address climate change.”

“We’re at the point where an entire generation has grown up in the climate crisis,” said Castor, who chairs the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. “They know the science, they know the stakes and they know how to rise to the challenge. We need to rise with them.”

Maybe they should focus on a teen who performs real science. Look at Olivia Pierce, who spent part of her summer vacation at NASA designing a lunar habitat.

For their project, Pierce’s team had to figure out every aspect of a lunar habitat from the wall construction to how much oxygen needed to be transported from Earth, she said.

They worked with a mentor from NASA – volcanologist Kayla Iacovino – and presented their design to NASA engineers.

Pierce’s internship work is not quite finished. She and her team are writing a report on their project which will be submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute for possible publication. If accepted they will present their project at a scientific research conference in May.

Alternatively, it might be useful to remember that the brain is still forming during the teen years. They do not base all of their choices on reason, wisdom, or facts.

A teen who ate nothing but fries, chips and other junk food for years slowly went blind as a result of his poor diet, according to a new report of the case.

The case highlights a perhaps little-known fact about poor diets: In addition to being tied to obesity, heart disease and cancer, they “can also permanently damage the nervous system, particularly vision,” according to the report, published today (Sept. 2) in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

In conclusion, based on the data provided, the 115th will go down as the ridiculous Congress ever.

The teens do not know the “science” but are well versed in the indoctrination.

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What could she possibly testify about? Some people seem to have forgotten what the word “testify” means. It doesn’t mean expressing an opinion, it means conveying facts of which one has first-hand knowledge. This girl doesn’t know anything, so how can she testify to anything?

    Democrat Representative: Ms Thunberg, please tell this committee how Donald Trump and Bret Kavanaugh stood outside your house and wore white hoods while burning a a cross made of fossil fuels, clubbing baby seals, cracking homophobic jokes, and grabbing women by their Gates of Paradise.

    Thunberg: Arms are for hugging. Think globally act locally. Save the planet. Go vegan. Love Mother Earth.

    Democrat Representative: You heard her! ARREST TRUMP AND KAVANAUGH!

      This is like a page out of the Middle Ages, when some hallucinating child savant would be paraded in the town square, telling all the peasants about the miraculous visions of Angels and Demons that had Spoken directly to him, and told him of The Judgment To Come.

      And of course there was always someone behind them, making sure to collect all the Donations of the Sinful, promising them Absolution for the souls. As long as they paid.

      we aren’t “progressing”, we’re falling back into all of the pathologies of the past.

    She’s just as qualified as a dimwit actress “testifying” about the chemical alar (daminozide) used on apples.

    NGAREADER in reply to Milhouse. | September 17, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    A Hollywood type moment. Feelings are more important than substance.
    Congress has nothing more important to do, everything’s perfect so why not waste some time and money on this drivel.

“They know the science, …..” in reference to a 16-year-old. That statement made me wonder if Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida is a confirmed non-math major. Sure enough, her bachelor’s is in political science, followed by a JD.

Sorry, high-school students haven’t had enough exposure to real science to know anything. The good ones might know how to balance an equation, if it is simple enough.

so the dems/progs want to rely on the experience of a teenager to provide them an accurate report on the ” climate crisis? ” come on–about like jimmy asking amy’s learned opinion on the perils of nuclear proliferation–uh huh

Why do the Dems/Progs have such a disconnect with reality? It is unexplainable, absolutely defies reason.

Right, give some kid short on scientific sophistication but long on childish enthusiasm a megaphone, then attack the Repubs for being anti-kid when they point that out. The kabuki never stops.

Just as an aside, I was a bit younger than this twerp when I started gathering the data which now, many decades later, has allowed me to say with confidence that AGW isn’t happening (or, at least, wasn’t happening during the decades I was taking data—it could have started, say, last week, and my measurements wouldn’t show it). Not too surprising; some of us do indeed “know the science.”

Ask her to explain the Milankovitch cycle. Her BS will immediately crash.

    Paul In Sweden in reply to 2smartforlibs. | September 18, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Ask her to explain the mid-20th century’s Global Temps which were as high or higher than now and the 1970s which were the century’s lowest and ‘Climate Scientists’ told us we were all most certainly going to die from the unstoppable Ice Age.

      But you already know exactly what her answer will be, to that and to any other questions you may ask: she’ll look at you in shock, then point and yell “DENIER! RAYCISS!!! WITCH!!!! A WWWIIIITTTCCCCHHHH!!!!!”

      and then all the Progs will start hooting and hollering and waving pitchforks in the air. “WWWWIIITTTCCHHH!!!!”

As the Dems have said, “By any means necessary.”

What is it with Leftists and their sick fetish for underage girls?

Why do they say “regardless of political ideology” when it is clear that they are of one ideology that is far out on the fringe.

Get her up there with that Hogg guy … make it a dem freak fest.

It’s hard to take these people seriously.
The first question she should be asked is what is her credentials which makes her an expert. How many advanced degrees does she possess that are related to this field? How many years of college level courses has she participated in with regard to climatology?
If she has none, I’d walk out. It isn’t serious, it’s emotions on parade so the left can pass some freedom destroying legislation.

Just more proof that there is nothing scientific about “Climate Crisis”, it is nothing more than a political tool. Stupid people who know nothing about science claim to be smarter than those that aren’t fooled by the scheme, they might not know much more about science than their “betters” but they sure know a scam when they see one.
Congress critters aren’t stupid, they are evil and they know all about manufacturing outrage. Children are very useful in this endeavor – how can you not feel for the children’s pleas?

    how can you not feel for the children’s pleas?
    Because I’m an adult.
    (Yeah, I know how you meant that, but it needed a response, imo.)

The Native American Indians in New England during King Philip’s War(1660s – a generation after the Pilgrims landing) started noticing significant changes in Climate. Years later, POTUS Thomas Jefferson noted in the early 1800s how he has been told by those more his senior how the snow remained longer in the spring and further down from the mountains in the past.

Anthropogenic Global Climate forcings if they exist at all can neither be measured nor distinguished from the myriad of known and unknown natural climate forcings. Anthropogenic Global Warming exists solely in the Cli-Fi imaginations of Global Warming Alarmists and in the fabrications of computer models.

CO2 in the open atmosphere, unlike in a closed container has no sustained radiative heat storage capacity. CO2 absorbs radioactive heat and re-emits the heat within micro-seconds. The greenhouse effect is 90-95% due to clouds and water vapor according to the IPCC and the entire ‘Climate Science’ community.

“A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect.”
-Richard Benedik US Department of State

“We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy…Basically it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization…One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”
-Ottmar Edenhoffer United Nations

    Basically, it’s because the man-made climate change industry is irredeemably corrupted, and millions of people choose not to believe them any longer. Someone who really cares about Greta Thunberg should introduce her to reality, and climate history.

Yesbut, if you consider “Climate Science” a religion (like Scientology or Christian Science) then it all falls into place. For although few teens know enough to practice real science, ‘most everyone accepts that teens can (and often do) have religious faith.

Perhaps these politicians should be a little careful here, lest they be accused of attempting to create an established religion?

Oh please. The girl sailed across on a carbon fiber hull made with petroleum products and a lot of energy, with sails made of polyethylene, and likewise tackle. She cooked with propane, and then flew back home.

CaliforniaJimbo | September 17, 2019 at 6:45 pm

Maybe they need some time in remedial science instead of skipping school to tell the Dems what they want to hear.
Oh well, one day she will get married and become someone else’s problem.

Disney’s Frozen: The Live Action Climate Change Play Starring Greta Thunberg

Soap opera is ridiculous but lots of women watch it, and they vote.

Democrats are inviting a brainwashed, mentally challenged, foreign teenager to the U. S. Congress to lecture on the fake climate crisis. Idiots.

“And a little child shall lead them”
They misused that when they initiated the Children’s Crusade in 1212, too. And look how that turned out.

Three American teens
20-year-old Vic Barrett
OK, one of these things is not like the other ones. One of these things does not belong….

    MajorWood in reply to GWB. | September 18, 2019 at 10:54 am

    It absolutely belongs. When compiling gunshot stats, the libs count all victims up till 21 as teens, otherwise their numbers would show that swimming pools are far more dangerous.

This stunt says much about what the Dems think about their voters. And, perhaps it is justified when you consider the “Squad.”

So the clown car continues. Will this muppet whine about how the beach will wash over Iowa?

Liberal progressive socialists are simply pandering to this child just to get more like her to be loyal to liberal progressive hoaxes.
Child abuse is rampant in the world of liberal progressive socialists.
This is their mentality:

“Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist, arrived in New York City on Wednesday after sailing across the Atlantic on a yacht with solar panels and wind turbines. Forget the fact that carbon is emitted during the construction of the yacht and solar panels. CBS News reported the yacht “had no kitchen, no heating, no fridge and no bathroom.” Thunberg took the yacht to raise awareness about the harmful emissions caused by taking commercial airlines.
But even though Thunberg and her crew sailed across the Atlantic using the yacht, it still has to get back. For that, the sailing team for the yacht, known as the “Malizia II” will be flown across the Atlantic to retrieve the vessel.
To offset the carbon emissions created by the flights, the team is paying “organizations that use them to finance climate-friendly projects and thus save emissions elsewhere.”

    TX-rifraph in reply to Philip. | September 18, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Think about the level of intelligence of the Dem voter who actually believes any of this nonsense.

    Greta is being exploited until her utility goes to zero at which time she will vanish from sight. People are tools in the hands of sociopaths, tools to be discarded when the job is done or the edge is no longer sharp.

Is the 9 year-old who divined the Straw number not available to testify or is he now head of climate at Turtle Bay?

Democrats: Conservatives don’t believe in science! it’s settled, climate change is real!

also democrats: there are hundreds of genders!

its all about the imagery.
name one gop rep who would dare call out a teenage aspergers person on their stupidity in front of witnesses.
she will be allowed to say pretty much anything she wants and lapdogs will eat it up.
and media will crucify anyone who dares challenge her.

You just can’t make this stuff up people ,,,, the DemonCraps are so out of touch with reality and having this young whiner speak further proves it. Who is driving the train that is going to Crash ????

I think she meant to say there is a whole generation brainwashed to believe that there is a climate crisis

As if the dumbascraps don’t have enough of their own idiots here to spew their crazy lies, they had to go and import one in to spew forth yet more crazy ignorance and lies?

What are the odds she also gets registered to vote in the USA as well. As a Democrat, of course.

The little Swedish twit will get free reign to spew her bull, and anyone who dare questions the brat will get crucified by the Fake News for attacking a child.

The Earth has been around for billions of years, aprox. 4.5 billion years and man has been here in some “Form” about 200,000 years. So that means that for all practical purposes that we are like a butterfly in our world today. It lives for about two weeks start to finish. During the billions when we were not here the Earth was almost destroyed several times and made uninhabitable millions of years. But we are to believe that the guy’s who cannot tell us if it will rain tomorrow can tell us when it will all end if we do not take drastic action all the while saying that the effect of our actions won’t show up for over another 100 years? Would you buy stock from one of these people?