When the 115th session of the US Congress finishes, I would be hard-pressed to pick the most insane stunt organized by our illustrious representatives.

I’m tempted to pick Impeachment Theater as the most senseless move.

But I pick the decision to put a teenaged foreigner before Congress as an expert on climate science, setting policy that would dramatically impact our economy and national safety.

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg, 16, is testifying before Congress next week at the invitation of House Democrats.

Thunberg will appear Sept. 18 before a joint hearing of a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee and the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

She is among a group of young climate activists Democrats invited to testify at the hearing, entitled “Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis.”

Thunberg is best known for founding an international movement called Fridays for Future, in which students skip school on Fridays to participate in demonstrations demanding action to combat climate change.

…“We’re at the point where an entire generation has grown up in the climate crisis,” said Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor of Florida, chairwoman of the Select Climate Crisis Committee. “They know the science, they know the stakes and they know how to rise to the challenge. We need to rise with them.”

Three American teens will also make an appearance.

… 17-year-old Jamie Margolin, co-founder of a youth climate organization called This is Zero Hour; 20-year-old Vic Barrett, a fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education; and 21-year-old Benji Backer, president of the American Conservation Coalition, a nonprofit that aims to engage conservatives on the climate issue.

“Young voices, regardless of political ideology, have made fighting climate change a priority across the world,” Backer said in a statement, voicing the hope that the hearing would provide “the opportunity to share free-market policies to address climate change.”

“We’re at the point where an entire generation has grown up in the climate crisis,” said Castor, who chairs the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. “They know the science, they know the stakes and they know how to rise to the challenge. We need to rise with them.”

Maybe they should focus on a teen who performs real science. Look at Olivia Pierce, who spent part of her summer vacation at NASA designing a lunar habitat.

For their project, Pierce’s team had to figure out every aspect of a lunar habitat from the wall construction to how much oxygen needed to be transported from Earth, she said.

They worked with a mentor from NASA – volcanologist Kayla Iacovino – and presented their design to NASA engineers.

Pierce’s internship work is not quite finished. She and her team are writing a report on their project which will be submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute for possible publication. If accepted they will present their project at a scientific research conference in May.

Alternatively, it might be useful to remember that the brain is still forming during the teen years. They do not base all of their choices on reason, wisdom, or facts.

A teen who ate nothing but fries, chips and other junk food for years slowly went blind as a result of his poor diet, according to a new report of the case.

The case highlights a perhaps little-known fact about poor diets: In addition to being tied to obesity, heart disease and cancer, they “can also permanently damage the nervous system, particularly vision,” according to the report, published today (Sept. 2) in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

In conclusion, based on the data provided, the 115th will go down as the ridiculous Congress ever.

The teens do not know the “science” but are well versed in the indoctrination.

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