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Campus Confessions Week in Higher Education

Campus Confessions Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

When it comes to matters of faith and confessions on campus, these two stories represent a profound divergence.

The left is clearly expanding its interests to religion.

And medicine.

Which isn’t surprising, considering they control everything else in the academy.

Gibson’s vs. Oberlin update.

The political divide on campus is massive.

Sadly true.

This is justice?


What does this even mean?

These things happen.


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Christians and Jews are NOT pantheists. We do not believe that God and the Universe are one. We are not of a part of the great Universal Spirit, the was a drop of water is a part of the Ocean. A separateness exists between God and the order that he spoke into being.

And, he created us in his image as unconscious individuals with the ability to speak order out of our own chaos and create our own worldly view of existence.

Note: Many Quantum Physicists believe there is a link between human consciousness and the physical order of the world. Something like Schrodinger’s cat on a universal scale. They do not understand it. But, for over a hundred years they have acknowledge it.

“like a drop of water is part of the Ocean”

I’m surprised Drudge Report hasn’t embraced this subject yet. Drudge has finally gone off the rails completely with the Trump-Ukraine hoax. Even WaPo and NYT have debunked it. Has Drudge lost his mind? Or silently sold his site to George Soros? Whatever the issue is, I’m gone. Seeya Drudge.

I am so ashamed, I murdered lots of banana trees in 1967 and still can’t look at a banana without tearing up just a little bit. I’ve tried to raise banana trees in my back yard to even the scales, but somehow they are hard to grow on the Llano Estacado. I’ve gone to a shrink to get peace, but she said I should be hung. Is there no peace on this earth?

Listen, maybe the plants had been complaining about conditions at the place.

Some years ago Santa left a note saying that he loved my artificial tree. With that encouragement I began acquiring other artificial items. I soon became a connoisseur and over the years I have discovered that the best artificial items are made in China. I am especially fond of artificial plants. After reading the latest controversy I must say artificial plants are the way to go. No watering, no pruning, no fertilizing. They never wilt or turn brown. And best of all, no confessions are required. They are the future of the planet.