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Trump Reelection Campaign Launches ‘Make Campus Great Again’ Program

Trump Reelection Campaign Launches ‘Make Campus Great Again’ Program

“The program kicked off at the University of Akron on Monday”

The College Democrats are apparently not happy about this.

Ashe Schow reports at the Daily Wire:

Trump Victory Launches ‘Make Campus Great Again’ Event, Democrats Pounce

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign launched a “Make Campus Great Again” program for the fall, and College Democrats aren’t happy about it.

The program kicked off at the University of Akron on Monday, with more than 50 students from that school and Cleveland State University, Walsh University, and Kent State University gathered at an event to show support for Trump and get trained on registering voters for the 2020 election. The program is managed by Trump Victory, a joint entity between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, working with the Ohio Federation of College Republicans. The two groups teamed up to launch a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative throughout Ohio colleges and universities to train and recruit campus activists for the president’s re-election efforts.

The campaign was not expecting such a large turnout, so additional attendees ended up standing. As student activists gathered, the College Democrats of Ohio released a statement saying the president “is not welcome on our campuses.”

“From siding with for-profit colleges to attacking Title IX protections the Trump Administration is working consistently to attack the interests of college students,” said College Democrats of Ohio President Eva Holtkamp in the statement. “Students know that Trump is bad for our future, which is why youth voter turnout across the country jumped in 2018.”


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A good turnout for a group”not welcome in our campus”, I would say. Time to let the communist democrats that the campuses are not theirs. They belong to the taxpaying citizens!

Fifty students is a turnout larger than they were expecting? Am I reading this wrong?

I wish he’d send some people here to the University of Illinois, where the students are having some kind of protest tomorrow over climate change. Since we have such a crummy football team, I guess they’re trying to excel in other areas.